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Betika is an African online betting site with Kenyan roots. Betika cashout and bonuses, easy money deposit and withdrawal await you. Check out how to place a bet on Betika online!

Review of Betika bookmaker company

As a sport betting site online, Betika is primarily aimed at Kenya, but also operates in a few other countries across Africa. In this Betika review, Takebet Zimbabwe covers all crucial questions about the bookie: how to cash out in Betika and how to play Betika online, betting odds and markets, payments and bonuses, the mobile site and the app, credibility and more. Learn how to join Betika, bet live and prematch, how to withdraw money from Betika and deposit!

By the way, have you heard of Betika daily jackpot bonus games? Once this sports betting company has showcased a millionaire, who gained a whooping 1,266,386 KES in the Betika Midweek Jackpot in 2018. Want to learn more? Let’s get started!

Betika Kenya homepage (screenshot)

Info: who owns Betika, licenses and more

Launched back in 2016, Betika is an online betting firm originally from Kenya. This sports betting site also services players from Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, Ethiopia and DR Congo. Betika supports both English and Kiswahili, as well as Amharic for the Tanzanian audience. In Kenya, this online bookmaker is regulated by the Betting Control and Licensing Board (BCLB) under the Betting, Lotteries and Gaming Act.

Frequently people ask who owns Betika Kenya: the company name is Betika Shop and Deliver Limited, and it holds the license for a bookie business in Kenya. Its director is Chris Mwirigi Kaumbuthnu, with Roamtech Solutions Limited as the main shareholder.

In Nigeria, Shade International Gaming Limited with the address at Plot 12, Acme Road, Ogba, Ikeja, Lagos is the stated owner. In Ghana, it is Shade Gold Coast Limited at GA-1010-2670, Number D44/2B, Main Road, Adabraka, Kwame Nkrumah Avenue.

Between July 2018 and June 2019, the firm survived the government’s controversial new 20% tax on a betting turnover, thus becoming the most popular betting website in Kenya which has retained its legit bookmaker license. So how to bet on Betika online and how to register Betika account is not an issue at all, both then and now too.

The official address of the Betika online sport betting website is

Welcome offer20 KES (Kenya), 20 NGN (Nigeria), 1 GHS (Ghana)
Deposit optionsM-PESA, Airtel Money, Tigo Pesa, HaloPesa, Paga, cash (betting shop)
Withdrawal optionsM-PESA, Airtel Money, Tigo Pesa, HaloPesa, Paga, cash (betting shop)
CurrencyKES (Kenya), NGN (Nigeria), GHS (Ghana), TZS (Tanzania), ETB (Ethiopia), CDF (DR Congo)
SportsFootball, tennis, basketball, ice hockey, baseball, volleyball, MMA (UFC), cricket, rugby, American football, table tennis, eSports and more
SMS bettingYes
USSD bettingNo
Mobile appAndroid, iOS
Live chatYes
Support Whatsapp0657788888 (Tanzania)
Support (Kenya), (Ghana), (Nigeria), (Tanzania)
Support tel+254729290290 (Kenya), 0596921292 (Ghana), 019077000 (Nigeria), 0659070700 (Tanzania)

Frequently used names with typos for this online bookmaker include: Batika, Betik, Betka, Bettika, Betiks, Beika, Betica, Bitika, Betila, Betikq, Betija, Betike, Brtika and Btika. All these names when used in search or elsewhere are the same.

Reputation of Betika

The management of the Betika sportsbook has set up understandable betting rules, which regulate how to bet with Betika bonus online and how to deposit on Betika, along with the privacy and security policy, adhering to the industry standards of service.

The bookmaker had international football star Ronaldinho among its brand ambassadors. In November 2021, this company partnered with the most distinguished football clubs of Ghana and the whole Africa, Asante Kotoko, in a deal worth 1.3 million GHS (23.93 million KES). In 2020, the Betika online betting site extended a sponsorship deal with a football club Sofapaka, based in Nairobi, Kenya. The bookie remains active in offering equipment to Kenyan football teams and investing in the local sports.

How to join Betika: create account online or offline

There are four ways of how to register Betika profile of your own:

  • Betika SMS registration (for Kenya). Sign up in Betika even offline with a mobile phone. Type in “BETIKA” and send this message to 29090. Once the sign up is complete, you will receive an SMS with a confirmation of the registration.
  • Betika USSD registration (for Kenya). Dial *644# to get registered via USSD: once the registration is done, you will receive a confirmation SMS from 29090.
  • Betika registration online with a mobile phone number. Head to the Betika online sports betting site and tap on the REGISTER button. The registration form will appear with blank fields to fill. Enter your phone number and create a password. Once you receive a verification code, type it in to finish the sign up.
  • Betika app registration. The sign up process with Betika mobile application is essentially the same as with the betting site: fill out a form to get a profile.

Betika Kenya registration: how to register (screenshot)

This is how you create Betika account online and via SMS!

How to confirm Betika account and verify identity

You get identified as an existing client with your mobile number after registration on Betika. To access your account, type in your phone number and the password.

Afterwards, you may have to confirm your identity and address. This is one of the mandatory steps of how to withdraw money from Betika: no payout may be allowed by the bookmaker until you confirm you are over 18 years old and have credible personal data. A copy of your ID document may be asked as well as some other papers.

Now that you have your Betika account created, let's find out how to deposit money to Betika, how to withdraw from Betika and how to place bet with Betika bonus.

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Betika bonuses and promotions

Both new and existing customers should know how to use Betika bonus, because both groups are eligible for promotions. Betika bonuses include such offers as a Betika free bet, a modest registration offer on the betting site and in the app, Betika deposit bonus and more — promotions are changing, so check the bookie before enrolling.

The basic bonuses of Betika are described below.

Note: betting offers are dependent on the regional version and are temporary.

Betika welcome bonus

Is there such a thing as free Betika online betting in Kenya today? Yes!

You can get a Betika free bet of 20 KES in Kenya just for registering with the bookie. All new customers are eligible for it. The bonus is given out automatically after a sign up. An identity verification procedure may be imposed before you get or use this bonus.

In Ghana, there is a welcome bonus of 1 GHS, alongside 20 NGN in Nigeria. As per the T&C, there is also a Tanzanian sign up bonus, but we didn't receive it.

People often ask “Can I withdraw Betika bonus?”, and the answer is “no”. There is no way of how to withdraw Betika bonus: rules state it can only be used to bet with. You can make a Betika prediction with the odds of 4.99 or higher and redeem any winnings.

Betika referral bonus

There are two types of referral promotions on Betika: a classic bonus for an invited friend and a bet share promotion. Their availability differs on separate country versions.

At the time of writing, the bet share promo is ongoing in Kenya with weekly prizes for top 20 participants and a 150,000 KES prize for the top one.

The complete Betika bet share scheme:

  1. First place — 150,000 KES
  2. Second place — 75,000 KES
  3. Third place — 50,000 KES
  4. Places 4-10 — 10,000 KES
  5. Places 11-20 — 5,000 KES

To take part, you need to bet in prematch with the odds of 4.99 or more, share your bets and make your friend wager with 25 KES or more — such a bet will be counted for you.

At the time of writing, an actual Betika referral bonus is available in Nigeria from the account.

Betika deposit bonus with cash back

There is a Betika cash back bonus you can get for topping up your account.

The bonus rules are based on the deposit amount:

  1. Sums of 1 to 49 KES get you 3 KES once per day.
  2. Sums of 50 to 98 KES and 100 to 200 KES get you 5 KES once per day.
  3. The sum of exactly 99 KES gets you 8 KES twice per day.
  4. The bonus for over 200 KES deposits is not specified at the time of writing.

Betika multibet bonus

This Betika betting offer is known in full as “Lost Multibet Stake Back Bonus”.

How to use Betika bonus cash back: place an accumulator of 7 to 10 matches, and if you don’t get only one of these outcomes right, you will receive 100% of your cash back on Betika. That said, 11 games and more will get you 200% cash back.

Note that no legs should be voided, while average total odds of winning selections must be 1.45 or higher for Betika multibet bonus to be paid out.

Now you know Betika bonus rules and how to use bonus in Betika — go ahead and try!

Betika points: how to earn and use

There is a loyalty programme in place on Betika, which is called “Betika Points”. Basically, you get points for betting on sports — bigger bets earn you more points.

Here is a scheme of earning points for bets on Betika:

  1. Wagers of 20-49 KES yield a maximum of 10 points.
  2. Wagers of 50-99 KES yield a maximum of 25 points.
  3. Wagers of 100-500 KES yield a maximum of 50 points.
  4. Wagers of 501-5,000 KES yield a maximum of 100 points.
  5. Wagers of over 5,000 KES yield a maximum of 200 points.

Any player can get no more than 500 points during one day. The formula for calculating points used by Betika is as follows: (Stake X Odds) / 100.

Here is how to check your balance of Betika points:

  • Check points via SMS. Send an SMS to 29090 with the word “BETIKAPOINTS”.
  • Check points via USSD. Call to *644# and pick “Profile”.
  • Check points online. Access your account with Betika to see the balance.

You can either use bonus points for betting on the daily jackpot or redeem them.

Here is how to redeem Betika points:

  • Via SMS. Send an SMS to 29090 with the combination of REDEEM# and an amount, either 1000 or 500. For example, REDEEM#1000.
  • Online. Access your account and pick the “Redeem Points” option.

Banking options

Betika has a slim but sufficient selection of payment methods differing by country.

In Kenya, there are three options of how to deposit in Betika and how to withdraw from Betika: Airtel Money, M-PESA of Safaricom and bet shops.

In Tanzania, Airtel and M-PESA are present plus Tigo Pesa, HaloPesa and bet shops.

In Nigeria, the Paga payment service is available.

In Ghana, M-PESA can be used for topping up an account.

Currencies accepted

Betika lets you create an account with the currency that depends on your country. The currency is chosen by the bookmaker based on the site version you have registered on.

The currency options are as follows:

  • Kenyan shilling (KES)
  • Nigerian naira (NGN)
  • Tanzanian shilling (TZS)
  • Ghanaian cedi (GHS)
  • Ethiopian birr (ETB)
  • Congolese franc (CDF)

How to deposit on Betika

In order to deposit in Betika via mobile money, utilize the phone number you have used to register. Both Airtel Money and M-PESA are available for Kenyan deposits. For info on other countries, check Betika review on the corresponding versions of Takebet Zimbabwe.

How to deposit on Betika via Airtel Money:

  1. Pick Airtel Money in your Airtel SIM toolkit.
  2. Tap on MAKE PAYMENTS and find Betika in the “Others” category.
  3. Use BETIKA deposit paybill (and the same business name as the reference), enter the money amount you are willing to pay and your PIN to proceed.
  4. Use the received confirmation info to finish the transaction.

How to pay Betika via MPESA:

  1. Choose M-PESA in your Safaricom SIM toolkit.
  2. Tap on LIPA NA MPESA.
  3. Enter 290290 as the Betika deposit paybill for M-PESA.
  4. Type in the Betika account number and the desired amount of money to pay.
  5. Confirm the transaction.

Message BALANCE to 29090 to check if the payment has been proceeded.

Another way of how to deposit to Betika is online. Just tap on the DEPOSIT button after logging into your account, state the sum of money and confirm the transaction.

Also, you are able to deposit via USSD while offline by dialing *644# in Kenya.

Furthermore, you can visit a Betika betting shop and deposit over-the-counter.

Betika deposit charges for MPESA and Airtel are virtually absent, however you will be charged 2 KES for every SMS received from Betika when depositing. The minimum deposit on Betika is 10 KES and the maximum deposit is said to be 500,000 KES in various sources, but we couldn’t find the maximum in the actual T&C of Betika.

Now you know how to pay Betika!

MethodMin limitMax limitTimeCharges
Airtel Money10 KES500k KESInstantTrans. fee
M-PESA10 KES500k KESInstantTrans. fee
Bet shop10 KES500k KESInstantFree

How to withdraw money from Betika

The withdrawal of funds from Betika is also done exclusively via mobile money in Kenya. If you wonder how to withdraw money from Betika to bank account, that may be actually possible in other countries. For info on other countries, check Betika review on the corresponding versions of Takebet Zimbabwe.

How to withdraw money from Betika to MPESA or Airtel Money:

  • Betika SMS withdrawal. Send an SMS with a WITHDRAW#AMOUNT combination, where “amount” is the sum of money you wish to withdraw (e.g. WITHDRAW#500), and send this message to 29090 in Kenya.
  • Betika USSD withdrawal. Dial *644# and follow the withdrawal procedure.
  • Betika online withdrawal. Here is short advice for internet users out there on how to withdraw from Betika: log in to your account and go to the profile, then enter the desired amount and tap on WITHDRAW.

Betika minimum withdrawal amount equals 50 KES. The limit for maximum withdrawal from Betika is 70,000 KES per payout, with a daily maximum of 140,000 KES. This maximum amount to withdraw from Betika is a change from 50,000 KES. Betika withdrawal charges for Kenya are dependent on the amount of money you withdraw in one transaction: 15 KES charge for 50-2,499 KES and 33 KES for 2,500-70,000 KES.

If you have a Betika withdrawal problem, contact the support in ways described further.

MethodMin limitMax limitTimeCharges
Airtel Money50 KES140k KESInstant15-33 KES
M-PESA50 KES140k KESInstant12-33 KES
Bet shop50 KESN/AInstantVary

Betting options

There are over 20 sports for Betika predictions, covering major football leagues as well as small tournaments and everything in between. The bookie has a strong focus on football matches: Betika games today are counted by thousands, with over 100 betting markets and hundreds of bets. The amount of options for a Betika prediction today is smaller in less popular tournaments, but is enough to enjoy betting. Betika odds are average with margins of 4-8%.

Betika minimum stake equals 1 KES for a single bet as well as an accumulator, as it is clearly stated in the bet slip of the bookie. Betika bonus minimum stake is the same, thus you can place up to 20 bets with your Betika sign up bonus of 20 KES.

Betika maximum stake is as follows:

  • Prematch single bet and accumulator — 500,000 KES
  • Daily jackpot bet — 100 Betika points or 10 KES

Mind that if you place bets between 1:00 am and 8:00 am Nairobi time or if you place live bets, the maximum stake on Betika may be actually capped to 5,000 KES.

Maximum payout in Betika for wagers is as follows:

  • Single and accumulator — 1,000,000 KES
  • Total maximum per day — 1,000,000 KES

For info on other countries, check Betika review on the corresponding versions of Takebet Zimbabwe.

On top of that, in Kenya, Tanzania and Ghana Betika offers virtual betting products. There are two of them! Betika Super League includes virtual football leagues of Kenya, Ghana, England, Germany, Italy and Spain, also Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) and Euros. All are randomized and offered with correct score, over under goals, 1x2, double chance, Asian handicap, GG/NG (both teams to score), combinations of these betting markets and smaller options.

Betika Super League (screenshot)

Asides from football betting virtuals, Betika SuperLeague includes virtual horse racing, greyhound racing, speedway racing and motorbike racing.

Then comes the "Virtuals" section. This is another randomized virtual football betting product, which lets you bet on Betika virtual games and win every four minutes as advertised on their official website. At Betika Kenya, it includes the Sakata league, the English league and Bundesliga with the same team names as in the real world. At Betika Ghana, there is the Akwaaba League with virtual local teams competing instead of Sakata. At Betika Tanzania, these virtuals are not yet available.

Betika Kenya virtuals football betting (screenshot)

There are more bet options here: exact goals, half time full time (HT FT), 1x2 and total, handicap in half, individual team totals, draw no bet, correct score, overs unders, etc.

At the time of writing, there were no virtuals at Betika Nigeria.

How to bet on Betika online

The process of placing a bet on Betika needs no “how to” really, being quite straightforward. However, we have described it for all you newcomers below.

Here is how to place a bet in Betika online:

  1. Access your betting account on the site or in the app.
  2. Choose “Prematch” or “Live Games” and pick the desired sport.
  3. Tap on the match of your choice.
  4. Select the option you wish to wager on and tap on the odds of this bet.
  5. Enter the amount of money in a bet slip and confirm your wager.

Betika Kenya betslip: how to bet (screenshot)

To make a multiple bet, you combine two or more single selections. When playing at this bookie, these selections will be automatically combined for you in the bet slip. One can also use Betika bet ID search (Load Betslip) by putting in the betting code on the website to get the related bet and place it. Basically this is how to use bet ID in Betika.

How to bet using SMS in Betika

Have you ever wondered how to play Betika via SMS? It is possible!

One can place single and accumulator bets on football by sending a message:

  • How to get current football odds. Send an SMS with BETIKA to 29090 to get a list of games with ID and 1x2 odds. Send another SMS to receive more games.
  • How to place a single SMS bet on Betika. Use the following combination: GAMEID#PICK#AMOUNT. For example, you want to bet 1000 KES on a draw (pick “X”) in the Chelsea vs Man Utd match, which has an ID number of 789. You send an SMS to 29090 with the following combination: 789#X#1000.
  • How to place a Betika multibet (accumulator) via SMS. Use the following combination: GAMEID#PICK#GAMEID#PICK#AMOUNT. For example, you want to add another selection to the previous bet on the Chelsea vs Man Utd. The second selection is an over 2.5 goals bet on the Real Madrid vs Barcelona match, which has an ID of 987. The money amount is still 1000 KES. You send an SMS to 29090 with the following combination: 789#X#987#ov25#1000.
  • How to bet Betika jackpot via SMS. Use the following combination: JP#PICK1PICK2PICK3...PICK12. As for picks, 1 stands for a home win, X stands for a draw and 2 stands for an away win. Example: JP#12X2X112X112.

There is a way of how to bet using SMS on Betika on other odds on top of 1x2. To make SMS bets on Betika, name codes for picks are all you need to know:

  • 1x2: home win — 1, draw — X, away win — 2.
  • Double chance: home or away win — DC12, home win or draw — DC1X, draw or away win — DCX2.
  • Both teams to score: to score — GG, not to score — NG.
  • Over under (0.5 / 1.5 / 2.5 / 3.5 / 4.5 / 5.5): under 2.5 goals — un25, over 2.5 goals — ov25 (change the number according to the chosen total for other options).
  • Half time/full time: home win/draw — htft1X, home win/away win — htft12, away win/draw — htft2X (change the 1x2 combinations for other options).
  • Correct score (full time): 1-2 — ftcs12, 2-0 — ftcs20, 0-0 — ftcs00 (change the combination of two numbers according to the chosen score for other options).
  • Draw no bet: home win — DNB1, away win — DNB2.
  • First half: home win — HT1, away win — HT2.
  • First half — Both teams to score: to score — HTGG, not to score — HTNG.

Betika cashout

So can you cash out in Betika? The answer is certainly “yes”.

What is cash out in Betika? You make your Betika prediction and then you have an opportunity to sell it back early on. You either redeem some part of your initial stake if the match doesn’t go your way, or you earn some part of your potential winnings without waiting for the match to end, which is possible if it goes the way you have predicted.

Thus, Betika cash out meaning is quite easy to understand — it is a form of a bet insurance for you, which lets you manage your bets on Betika in a live mode.

Betika cash out rules are as follows:

  1. Only sports events specifically selected by Betika participate.
  2. Both live and prematch wagers, accumulator and single bets participate.
  3. You can use both the betting site and Betika app with cash out, meaning that all online gambling platforms of the bookmaker are with Betika cashout included.
  4. Betika free bet as well as any bonus cash can’t be used with cash out.

To check the amount you can get back with Betika cashout, go to the “My Bets” tab in your account and check unsettled wagers. The amount is based on the current odds.

So that's how to cash out in Betika!

Types of bets and betting markets offered

You will find many betting markets in the Betika live bet and prematch sections.

Here are some of the football betting markets on Betika:

  • Full time result (1x2)
  • Double chance
  • Draw no bet
  • First half betting
  • European handicaps
  • Over under goal totals
  • Both teams to score
  • Correct scores
  • Cards and corners betting
  • Combined bets, multi goals and more

As for the choosing options in those markets, for example, over under goal total includes options like 0.5, 1.5, 2.5, 3.5, 4.5, 5.5. You will also find prop bets on Betika: wagering on a certain goalscorer during a football game or on aces of a tennis player.

Betika Kenya match betting markets (screenshot)

We have noticed that Betika only misses out on Asian handicaps, e.g. Manchester United (+1.5) or English national football team (-2.5), which are popular overseas.

Nevertheless, Betika offers a wide enough coverage of betting options, and not only in football, but also in basketball, tennis and other sports popular among bettors.

How to play Betika Shikisha Bet

Betika offers a superb feature called Shikisha Bet, which lets you combine different betting markets from the same match into one bet. In Nigeria, it is called Palm Bet, in Ghana — Fabom Beti, in Tanzania — Watafunga, in Ethiopia — Combobet.

You can bet that a particular footballer will score and that both teams will score, in one bet. All that in the same game of football — something like a one-game accumulator!

Betika Kenya Shikisha Bet (screenshot)

There are few limitations though: you can’t bet more than 20,000 KES in one wager and can’t add over 20 selections in one shikisha. This way your winnings are capped. For info on other countries, check Betika review on the corresponding versions of Takebet Zimbabwe.

How to place a bet on Betika in the "Shikisha Bet" section:

  1. Access your betting account and enter the “Shikisha Bet” section from the menu.
  2. Choose among betting options on offer by tapping on the betting odds.
  3. Check the "Shikisha Bet" tab for your selections.
  4. Enter the amount you are willing to bet and confirm.

Wagering on sports

There are over 20 different sports on Betika to make predictions on.

Among sports on Betika, you will find:

  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Ice hockey
  • Baseball
  • Volleyball
  • MMA (UFC)
  • Cricket
  • Rugby
  • American football
  • Table tennis
  • eSports

To see the tournaments on offer, tap on any sport. For example, check out Betika football match predictions for games today! In the “Soccer” section, you will see such top leagues as the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, German Bundesliga as well as the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League. This list extends to other leagues down to second and third-level divisions, including such competitions as England League Two and National League.

While researching tennis, we have seen events from the ATP and WTA Tours, as well as ITF tournaments among men and women. If you take a look at basketball, Betika will please you with NBA and WNBA matches, Liga ACB, NBL and Supercoppa tournaments among others. You can make your Betika prediction on friendly games.

In the eSports section, disciplines such as the League of Legends, CS:GO, Dota 2 and Overwatch are on display with many options of tournaments to wager on.

Note: mentioned above are sporting events that were available on this platform at the time of writing. So it is quite possible that Betika may offer even more action now.

Betika odds quality

The Betika online betting company offers sporting events with average odds, which are still competitive in the big picture. We have researched the odds at Betika: top football leagues come with margins of 1.5-3%, top basketball has 5-6,5%, top tennis — 6-8%.

Below is the table with calculated odds margins for the 1x2 betting market in some fixtures of football, basketball and tennis (both three-way and two-way ones).

FootballPremier LeagueLeeds vs Fulham1.654.205.801.66%
FootballItalian Serie AVerona vs Roma4.003.801.952.60%
FootballLa LigaVillarreal vs Eibar1.644.206.001.45%
BasketballNBAMiami vs Boston2.3015.001.786.32%
BasketballEuroleagueOstrow vs Rosa1.1521.005.808.96%
TennisATPShapovalov vs Dimitrov1.88-1.886.38%
TennisITF MenBaez vs Forejtek2.25-1.549.38%

Betika live bet section

At the Betika online betting company, there is an option to wager on in-play events. That’s how you keep track of what is going on in the game and bet at the same time.

In order to see Betika live events on the betting site, head to the top navigation bar, find the "Live Games" tab and tap on it. You will find in-play games organized by sport. After tapping on any event, you can review its betting markets and match statistics.

Betika Kenya live betting (screenshot)

Live betting odds on Betika are updated quickly, with red and green arrows indicating up and down movements. The maximum stake in Betika for live bets can be as high as for prematch ones, though in practice expect lower maximums for in-play.

In the live betting mode, you can wager on a big scope of markets, starting with 1x2, over under goals and European handicaps, and finishing with corners and cards.

Betika jackpot predictions and tips

When it comes to Betika jackpot predictions, this betting site is quite superb.

Betika Kenya jackpots and Sababisha (screenshot)

Below we have showcased jackpots which Betika offers:

  • Betika Midweek Jackpot predictions. Bet 15 KES on the 1x2 market in 15 fixtures. If you predict the outcomes of all these events, you will get 15,000,000 KES! Prizes also stand for those who correctly predict 12-14 fixtures.
  • Betika Grand Jackpot predictions. The mega jackpot from Betika today offers staggering 100,000,000 KES. Wager 99 KES — and just a bet slip with 17 correctly predicted match results separates you from 100,000,000 KES. Betika Mabingwa 100 Million Mid Week Jackpot also yields bonus winnings for predictions which correctly get either 0, or 12, or 13, or 14, or 15, or 16 events.
  • Sababisha Betika Daily Jackpot bonus. Wager 10 KES or 100 Betika points and predict eight matches. You will need to guess the 1x2 outcome. The prize pool equals 200,000 KES each day, shared among the winners!

For info on other countries, check Betika review on the corresponding versions of Takebet Zimbabwe.

Betika app for iPhone and Android

Betika offers both Android and iPhone mobile apps. You can download Betika app for Android straight from their website at the address, while the Betika iPhone application is available in the App Store to users in Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Ghana, Ethiopia and DR Congo.

In order to download Betika Android app:

  1. Go to
  3. Download the Betika .APK file, install it and open up.

Otherwise, tap on DOWNLOAD FOR IOS to move to the App Store for the iPhone app.

Betika app registration is offered to all new customers after installing the application.

Betika Kenya app download: Android and iPhone (screenshot)

The interface of Betika apps is straightforward to use. There is a bottom menu, where you can swap between “Home”, “Live”, “My Bets” and “Profile” tabs. On the first screen, you will find the list of sports with corresponding upcoming and live fixtures. Use the search in the top right corner if you want to pick an exact league or team to bet on.

When tapping on PROFILE, you will be redirected to the section where you can deposit in Betika, withdraw funds, check your bet history and personal details. There is also the “Personal Promotions” section which includes current bonuses for registered customers.

Betika official website and mobile site user experience

Answering the “how to join Betika” question is simple enough: you can do that via their desktop or mobile site, alongside anything else! This company supports all possible browsers and mobile phones. Sadly, it is still a common occurrence for bettors from Africa to have limited internet access. Betika has a lite mobile site version for such cases as well as a promotion which lets you browse the site on mobile at no cost.

On the new Betika desktop website, all sports are located on the left side of any webpage. If you are using a lite website version, when you tap on any sport — you’ll see a menu with countries and tournaments, with the former containing all competitions on offer. On the full website version, tapping on a sport will make all games appear at the page center.

All the top leagues and events are shown first. After tapping on any of the events, you will find the betting markets and the odds. Tap on the odds of the bet you fancy placing so that your Betika prediction appears in a bet slip. Put in an amount and bet!

Betika Kenya website navigation menu (screenshot)

An even easier way to do all this is via the online betting Betika mobile website. User experience is about putting main components in handy reach for easier usage. At the top of the Betika mobile website, you will find a choice of popular sports and their chief betting products on offer, which can be Virtuals and Betika League, jackpots, the bet constructor and more. From there you can also get to the Betika app download and install section.

Highlighted top matches are shown first, but you can change them to all upcoming events or browse sports by country. Then, you can also filter matches by their starting time and the day of the week as well as by the very betting market you are betting on.

Our impression is slick enough: the website of Betika is lightweight and functional.

When searching for the website of this bookmaker, sometimes people use the following names: betika com, betikacom, betika-com and betika

Livestreaming of sports events

When it comes to Betika online betting possibilities, one of their strong points is a livestreaming of football matches and other sports. In order to watch live events on Betika, login to my account must be completed and also you must have a positive balance in the account.

They lack a good number of events to watch though, covering only some matches in football, basketball and tennis, and at the time of writing we could find much.

Moreover, the livestreaming may depend on a country version of Betika you use.

Betika online support service

“How can I communicate with Betika”, you ask? There are several ways to do it.

There is a live chat, but from our experience, conversing with their live chat specialists is a tedious job. Sometimes you wait for an answer for five minutes or more, and sometimes you don’t get it at all, even with a seemingly active specialist in the chat.

If you are tired of waiting, you can email the Betika help center at or get in touch with the bookmaker by calling +254729290290 in Kenya.

If you are on Twitter, try mentioning @BetikaKe with your query.

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Betika FAQ

How to register on Betika online?

In order for Betika to create an account for you, choose one of three ways to proceed: SMS, USSD or an online registration with your mobile phone number.

Here is how to register online with Betika:

  • Via SMS (for Kenya): send an SMS with the word BETIKA to 29090.
  • Via USSD (for Kenya): make a call to *644#.
  • Online with a telephone number: visit the website of Betika, tap on the REGISTER button and fill out a sign up form using your mobile phone number.

How to place a bet on Betika?

To make a bet, first you need to deposit in Betika, then visit their website or the app and choose a fixture you want to wager on. Add the desired betting market to your bet slip by selecting its odds, enter how much you wish to stake and tap on PLACE BET.

You can also gamble with SMS on Betika: send a message with the word BETIKA to 29090 in Kenya and get the list of current football games with their IDs and odds.

Use the following combinations to place SMS bets:

  • Singles: GAMEID#PICK#AMOUNT (e.g. 456#X#200 for a 200 KES bet on a draw pick in the match with the 456 ID number).
  • Accumulators: GAMEID#PICK1#GAMEID#PICK2#AMOUNT (e.g. 456#X#654#un25#200 for a 200 KES multibet with a draw pick and an under 2.5 goals pick on the matches with the 456 and 654 ID numbers, respectively).

How to place Betika Midweek Jackpot via SMS?

In Kenya, send an SMS to the 29090 number with the following combination: JP#PICK1PICK2PICK3...PICK12. When choosing your picks, remember that 1 stands for a home win, X stands for a draw and 2 stands for an away win. Example: JP#12X2X112X112.

What is Betika minimum stake and maximum bet?

The minimum betting amount on Betika is a stake of 1 KES.

The maximum betting amount is a stake of 500,000 KES, however in practice it may be as low as 5,000 KES for live betting and during the night hours.

How to get a registration bonus on Betika?

There is a 20 KES welcome bonus on Betika for all new online clients.

Other Betika promotions may be on offer too: free bets and deposit cash back bonuses.

How to bet with Betika bonus?

After you get bonus cash, it is added to a separate balance in your account. There is no way you can withdraw a bonus, only bet with it. Odds of a bonus bet must be 4.99 or higher. You are free to withdraw any proceedings from such a bet. Betika bonuses will expire in three months if not used.

How to deposit money to Betika?

For Kenyan customers, there are three methods of how you can deposit money to an account in Betika: through M-PESA, using Airtel Money and in a betting shop.

For M-PESA, go to the Safaricom SIM toolkit, select “Lipa Na MPESA”, enter Betika deposit pay bill equal to 290290, enter the Betika account number and the amount.

For Airtel Money, pick it in your Airtel SIM toolkit, select “Make Payments” and then “Betika” in the “Others” section, enter deposit paybill equal to BETIKA, enter the sum you wish to deposit, enter “Betika” as a reference and your PIN to proceed.

Also, you can deposit from your account on the Betika betting site or in a bet shop.

There are no Betika deposit charges neither for MPESA nor for Airtel Money, however you will find out that 2 KES are charged for every SMS you receive from the bookie.

How to withdraw from Betika?

This is how to withdraw money from Betika to Airtel and MPESA:

  • Via SMS (for Kenya): send WITHDRAW#AMOUNT in an SMS to 29090.
  • Via USSD (for Kenya): make a call to *644#.
  • Online: access your account, go to the profile page, input the sum of money you are willing to pay to Betika and then tap on the WITHDRAW button.

The withdrawal is possible in the betting shops of the company too.

How much can you withdraw from Betika?

The maximum withdrawal from Betika is set at the 70,000 KES limit per transaction and 140,000 KES per day.

This is a change from the previous Betika maximum payout limit of 50,000 KES.

The minimum amount one can withdraw equals 50 KES.

Does Betika have cash out?

That’s true, Betika does have a cashout. It may be used for selected events, prematch and live wagers, singles and accumulators — to fix the gains or cap the losses.

How to cash out in Betika?

To cash out on Betika, visit your account and check the “My Bets” section. For unsettled punts, which are eligible for cash out, you will find the possible cashout amounts there.

How to use Betika bonus points to place a bet?

You can bet on the Sababisha Daily Jackpot using Betika points. Alternatively, you can redeem your bonus points either via SMS or online before they expire.

How to redeem Betika points?

There are two ways to redeem Betika points:

  • Via SMS (for Kenya): message the 29090 telephone number with either REDEEM#500 or REDEEM#1000, to redeem 500 or 1000 points, respectively.
  • Online: access the “Redeem Points” tab in your account and pick 500 or 1000.

How to download Betika app and install it?

To download the Android app, access the address, tap on DOWNLOAD FOR ANDROID and get the Betika .APK file from there. Launch it to install the app.

For the iOS application of Betika, go to the App Store and install it from there.

How to win Betika virtual league?

The best way to succeed is to have a smart money management and betting strategy in place. Here are four pieces of advice which may help you win Betika virtual league:

  1. Bet no more than 1-2% of your bankroll each time.
  2. Never try to come back from a loss with emotional betting.
  3. Don’t try to win on small odds — you will win small, but lose big time.
  4. Employ a betting strategy and follow it strictly.

How to search bet ID in Betika?

The best way to find out your own bet ID on Betika is by accessing the “My Bets” tab in your account. There you'll complete your Betika bet ID search.

How to cancel Betika bet?

You can cancel a bet on Betika in the course of 15 minutes after placing it. That can be done only before the match has commenced. No more than three wagers per day can be canceled. The cancellation may be restricted for the first three bets.

Cancel a wager either from the “My Bets” section of your account on the Betika site by tapping on the “Cancel Bet” button or send an SMS to 29090 with CANCEL#BETID.

How to stop Betika messages?

You can stop promotional SMS from Betika by sending the word “STOP” to 21169.

How to clear my bet history in Betika?

Clearing your bet history doesn’t seem possible, but you may check with the support.

Is Betika working?

In order to check out if Betika is working, just access this online sports betting site. If all seems to be okay, then try to login.

If you did, then it's working! If you are still not sure, try placing a wager.

How to delete Betika account or close it?

Get in touch with the customer service at and ask them to delete your account from their database, if you want to close your Betika online account.

5 things about Betika you should know before betting

Betika is proud of changing people’s lives thanks to betting. But exactly how?

  1. In 2018, the 35-year-old man, Japheth Kilelu Shako, correctly predicted 15 games in the Midweek Jackpot earning 1,266,386 KES. He has increased his bet up to 100,000 times, and this has changed his life dramatically, he says.
  2. Betika offers a lite version of the website for users with limited internet access.
  3. Betika has opened various programmes as part of their response to the Covid-19 pandemic in Kenya. They have allocated 27m KES for healthcare workers, sportsmen and women, students and regular Kenyans in various ways.
  4. Betika was third by a monthly amount of declared bets (1.45b KES) in Kenya as of May 2019, according to the leaked BCLB declarations, right before Sportpesa (19.598b KES) and Betin (5.932b KES) exited the market due to the taxation.
  5. Betika has survived the controversial new government tax of 20% on betting turnover as of 2019, becoming the biggest legal bookie in Kenya at the time.


Betika has numerous advantages, including a wide choice of sporting events and betting markets. This bookmaker is among African leaders from the point of view of immersive prizes they offer to the jackpot winners, and their jackpots are many.

Betika offers bonuses, usually two or three in parallel, and a 20 KES sign up bonus.

When it comes to making deposits in Betika and withdrawing funds, this betting company offers two instant mobile payment methods to their customers in Kenya.

Moreover, the sportsbook offers sporting live streams.


The welcome bonus of Betika is low when compared to their international competitors.

Their betting odds are quite average too. The live section of this online bookmaker may not be so impressive when it comes to the diversity of events they offer. And while Betika indeed provides livestreaming of sporting events, their choice is not that big.

Feedback on Betika

Being the biggest Kenyan betting company that managed to retain its license with BCLB in 2019, Betika is by far the safest bet for a Kenyan who fancies a wager. This bookmaker also works wider across Africa. The bookie’s choice of events and betting markets is superb, jackpots are outstanding and the platform is great in itself: SMS and USSD functionality, lite website and apps for both Android and iOS, virtuals and TV.

The palette of bonuses here is small compared to international bookies from overseas, but there is a modest welcome bonus and the Betika points loyalty programme.

Now you know all about Betika registration, how to place a bet on Betika, deposit and withdraw. Tune to predictions and tips on games today from Takebet Zimbabwe and bet on Betika!

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