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Best basketball predictions: free basketball betting tips and picks

Try out free basketball predictions on the Takebet Zimbabwe site: expert picks for third most wagered sport in the world, which is especially popular in the USA, Africa, Australia, Spain and some other world states. Our team will help you reach the peak of your basketball online betting!

Takebet Zimbabwe covers quite a few basketball competitions with the best betting tips. Top leagues — the NBA and the Euroleague — are among them.

The team of pros drops single free basketball picks along with accumulator basketball tips. In the analysis, our journalists utilize odds on such basketball markets as money line (1x2), point spread handicaps, scores, points over/under alongside teams and players prop bets.

All free basketball betting tips are based on an in-depth exploration of stat parameters of teams and players, such as win percentage, turnovers, rebounds, blocks, free throws. Experts look into H2H and recent team results, key players’ form and the latest news.

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About basketball predictions on Takebet Zimbabwe

Alongside offering top basketball sure bets on matches of the USA and the world with single and accumulator tips, our expert team dives into futures, or outright bets. We prefer moderate odds on basketball, neither high nor low, but the main requirement for them is to be valuable.

Analysts utilize big betting markets alongside small ones in basketball match tips, with some preference for the former, which can be found on any given local or international betting site.

Let’s find out what Takebet Zimbabwe, the ultimate best basketball prediction site, offers!

Types of basketball expert tips we provide

Both two most popular betting options — single bets and accumulators — are covered in our free betting predictions on basketball matches. The experts of Takebet Zimbabwe are inclined to offer single value bets on basketball more often, because of their lower margin when compared to combined multiples. That said, basketball accas are legit entertainment for us too!

Free basketball picks are the main dish on the table. Experts cover matches on weekdays and weekends with no exception, choosing decisive games and fixtures with value bets.

Outright predictions are another treat. Let’s take the NBA as an example! On Takebet Zimbabwe, you will enjoy recommendations for such outrights as the winner of the league, winners of Eastern and Western Conferences, the top scorer and MVP. Player specials are predicted as well, like whether LeBron James will break Kareem-Abdul Jabbar’s record of 38,387 points.

Pro basketball picks and value bets from Takebet Zimbabwe

The team’s goal is finding value in bookmaker odds — in every single basketball prediction. By analysing scores, the stats and info at hand experts pick the basketball betting markets which offer odds higher than the probability suggested by online bookies. Takebet Zimbabwe is highly experienced in analysing and breaking down teams and players to give stable results.

Betting tips for matches in basketball are usually dropped 1-2 days prior to the game.

Takebet Zimbabwe has the best squad in the game of tipping. Our team consists of betting experts and sports journalists with years of experience in basketball analytics, who make use of team pre-season data, head-to-head history, the latest trends of money movements in the betting markets along with news and rumours to make top basketball betting tips of high value.

In our basketball games predictions we dig into scores, the team most likely to win, spreads, how many points to be scored, score and team to win in quarters and halves. No matter where the value lies, in a 1x2 betting market or in player and team props, experts will find it.

Coverage of basketball betting predictions

Being the best site for basketball prediction, Takebet Zimbabwe covers major competitions as they occur around the world including both international competitions played by the national teams and club tournaments. Our coverage is centered in North America, Europe and Africa. Read on and find out the particular leagues and tournaments that are being predicted on a regular basis and betting markets we use for your regular basketball bet of the day.

Basketball tournaments covered with tips

The team produces basketball betting picks for major tournaments alongside international basketball predictions.

Some competitions with predictions on Takebet Zimbabwe:

Punters can expect basketball tips on top games of the tournaments listed above.

Betting markets and odds of basketball predictions

The picks on the Takebet Zimbabwe prediction site feature both popular and rare betting markets from among the wagers on statistical parameters of the teams and athletes. You may put a stake on any tip as a single or combine an accumulator bet, depending on your betting strategy.

Betting markets in our tips include:

Less popular options include winning margins, results and totals of halves and quarters, team and player props, and more.

The odds we choose while predicting basketball are of value in the first place. If we talk ranges, you can expect single tips to be around 1.50-3.00 (-200 to +200 American; 1/2 to 2/1 Fractional) and combination bets to have odds of up to 10.00 (+900; 9/1) most of the time.

Betting tips on basketball outrights: teams and athletes futures

Unlike some basketball predictions sites, Takebet Zimbabwe pros provide picks for the future events of whole tournaments, including performances of particular teams and star basketball athletes.

Among basketball tips, there are bets on teams to qualify for the playoffs, to score over or under points total during the tournament, to qualify for an international tournament, to finish top of the group, and even bets on the events of the draft. If we talk about the NBA, team picks may include a particular franchise finishing over or under another club in a conference or something like a team finishing a season in top 8 to qualify for playoffs.

Experts provide basketball betting predictions on individual players' performance too. Among them are bets on top awards at the end of the season such as MVP, rookie of the year, attacking or defensive player of the year, finals MVP, points totals of certain athletes.

So stop by this page not only for player proposition bets in basketball games, but for long-term betting predictions as well! Most of them are published before a season starts.

Major basketball events predicted in 2022-23 season

In the 2022-23 basketball season, all the top tournaments will proceed as planned. The NBA will start on 18 October 2022. The end of the regular season is set on 9 April 2023. From April 15 till June 2023 we will bear witness to the next NBA playoffs, including the NBA 2023 final series.

Euroleague 2022-23 happens from 6 October 2022 till 14 April 2023, with the trophy being contested in the Final Four stage in May 2023.

Let’s check the odds, key pre-season facts and stats of the NBA and Euroleague 2022-23 that we use for basketball sure bets.

National Basketball Association (NBA) 2022-23

The Milwaukee Bucks won their first championship in 50 years by defeating the Phoenix Suns with a 105-98 score in Game 6 of the NBA 2021 final series. Giannis Antetokounmpo led the team to their second championship in history by dropping 50 points and winning the NBA final MVP. The Bucks finished third in the East Conference with a 0.639 winning percentage to qualify for the playoffs. They were losing after Game 2 but turned it around and won. Milwaukee still remains a major contender for the NBA 2022 championship.

The Brooklyn Nets fell short in the playoffs by losing 4-3 to the eventual winner, the Bucks. The Nets were leading after Game 2 but faced a series of injuries — to Kyrie Irving and James Harden. Brooklyn is well-equipped with stars like Kevin Durant, Irving and Harden. They finished second in the Eastern Conference with a 0.667 win percentage to qualify for the last NBA playoffs. The Nets are the main favourites to win the next season of the NBA.

The Los Angeles Lakers, 2019-20 NBA champions, had a very rough last season. Lebron James and Anthony Davis dealt with a series of injuries. Davis was injured in their Game 4 loss to the Phoenix Suns, and they eventually lost the series in Game 6. The Lakers finished seventh in the Western Conference with a 0.583 win percentage and had to go through the play-in tournament to qualify for the NBA 2021 playoffs. Los Angeles is one of the major championship contenders in the upcoming 2022-23 NBA season.

The Phoenix Suns' wait for the NBA championship continues after they lost their first NBA finals since 1993 to the Milwaukee Bucks. They started so well, winning their first and second games with 118-105 and 118-108, respectively, but fell short and lost the remaining four games. Phoenix made the playoffs by finishing second in the Western Conference with a 0.708 win percentage. They won the conference finals by defeating the Los Angeles Clippers in a six-game match. The Phoenix Suns are yet to win a championship, but are a top 10 contender for the 2022-23 NBA championship and will be relying on Chris Paul.

The Golden State Warriors failed to make the NBA playoffs last season for the second season in a row after losing in the play-in tournament. They finished their regular season eighth in the Western conference with a 0.542 win percentage, but eventually lost in the play-in tournament to Lakers and Grizzlies with 103-100 and 117-112, respectively. Steph Curry had a wonderful season and made it to the All-NBA Team but couldn’t guide his team to the playoffs. The Warriors remain in top 5 favourites to win the NBA title in 2023.

NBA Championship 2022-23 betting odds:

  • Brooklyn Nets — 3.50 (+250 American; 5/2 Fractional)
  • Los Angeles Lakers — 7.00 (+600; 6/1)
  • Milwaukee Bucks — 11.00 (+1000; 10/1)
  • Golden State Warriors — 14.00 (+1300; 13/1)
  • Utah Jazz — 16.00 (+1500; 15/1)
  • Philadelphia 76ers — 17.00 (+1600; 16/1)
  • Phoenix Suns — 21.00 (+2000; 20/1)
  • Los Angeles Clippers — 21.00 (+2000; 20/1)
  • Denver Nuggets — 26.00 (+2500; 25/1)

Euroleague 2022-23

Anadolu Efes defeated Barcelona 86-81 to win its first Euroleague championship in 2021. The Turkish basketball team is priced as the main favourite to win the 2022-23 Euroleague, with their final’s rivals Barcelona being the second team by chances of topping the league. The Spanish club is a two times Euroleague champion and is aiming at the third title.

Real Madrid, the most honored club of the Euroleague, are featuring in the top 3.

Euroleague 2022-23 betting odds:

  • Anadolu Efes — 3.50 (+250 American; 5/2 Fractional)
  • Barcelona — 7.00 (+600; 6/1)
  • Real Madrid — 14.00 (+1300; 13/1)
  • Armani Milano — 16.00 (+1500; 15/1)
  • Fenerbahce — 17.00 (+1600; 16/1)
  • Olympiakos — 21.00 (+2000; 20/1)
  • Baskonia — 26.00 (+2500; 25/1)

How experts analyse basketball for sure picks

First come the stats. Our betting expert (basketball) carefully compiles data in search for trends to choose a bet and in order to count probabilities. Recent results and H2H are analysed in this step. Secondly, we study news and rumours to be fully aware of the players’ form. Finally, Takebet Zimbabwe researches basketball odds to compare them with probabilities and find value, which makes us truly one of the top basketball predictions sites.

Below are some of the statistics a betting expert may analyse for picks:

  • Points per game
  • Blocks per game
  • Steals per game
  • Offensive ratings
  • Defensive ratings
  • Assist to pass percentage
  • Assist to turnover ratio
  • Free throw percentage
  • Field goals percentage
  • Three-points field-goals percentage
  • Assist ratio
  • Rebounds
  • Offensive rebounds
  • Defensive rebounds
  • Turnover percentage
  • True shooting percentage

These parameters let us draw the team and player efficiency ratings along with probabilities of possible outcomes in the following match — and pick sure basketball predictions.

Free basketball tips: how to get access

Being one of the best basketball prediction sites, Takebet Zimbabwe works 24/7 to provide our readers with the best picks and make them available right here. All the best betting tips on the matches in basketball are free of charge! Punters are welcome to visit our website a day or two before the basketball game to use betting tips and wager on the best bookmakers.

Use filters to select tips on basketball games happening on a near date:


What is included in basketball free betting tips on Takebet Zimbabwe?

Free predictions cover major basketball competitions, including NBA and Euroleague. We provide tips on top international tournaments of national teams as well, such as FIBA Basketball World Cup and Basketball Africa League.

The picks provided are singles and accumulators of high value. The expert team utilizes such betting markets as money line (1x2), full-time margin, point totals, draw in a regulation time, proposition bets on teams and players, and other outcomes. To come up with wagering tips, Takebet Zimbabwe analyses results and basketball statistics, news and current odds.

When do you post picks for games in basketball?

Our basketball betting tips are posted 1-2 days prior to the match. In single-elimination tournaments, the times of publishing highly depend on when knockout pairs become known. Bettors are welcome to visit Takebet Zimbabwe in advance and make use of the predictions for wagers.

The experts do their best to stay well-informed, so the tips can be updated in case of any important news like injuries of key players coming up, which are likely to affect the outcome.

Pro basketball picks on the outcomes and special futures are usually posted a couple of weeks before the start of a competition or a certain stage such as playoffs.

Are your basketball betting tips free?

Every single prediction for basketball games is free of charge on Takebet Zimbabwe. All free tips are provided on this page of our website: just choose the match you want to bet on, click on the corresponding wagering tip and proceed to the page where you can read it.

Do you predict NBA matches?

Yes, the National Basketball League is the main focus of our predictions.

Takebet Zimbabwe predicts top NBA basketball matches during the season. When the playoffs start, every single game is predicted. Experts provide bettors with free pre-season basketball betting picks too: who will top the league, win the conferences, become MVP and so on.

What odds do you offer in basketball tips on matches?

We don't have strict requirements for the size of the odds we recommend. However, one can anticipate odds from 1.50 (-200; 1/2) to 3.00 (+200; 2/1) for singles and up to 10.00 (+900; 9/1) for multiples on basketball games.

Do you have picks for today's and tomorrow’s basketball?

Yes. Follow the links to check today’s basketball betting tips and tomorrow’s basketball tips on top games. Don’t hesitate to visit the section with Saturday and Sunday basketball picks.

Do you provide basketball score predictions?

Of course! As we are the best basketball prediction website, experts here at Takebet Zimbabwe often produce picks for correct scores.

Do you offer any live betting tips on basketball?

We currently do not offer live tips on basketball. That said, the Takebet Zimbabwe prediction site is well-updated with basketball breaking news which we use to keep our picks current.

Do you provide VIP basketball betting picks?

We do not give special treatment as all the bettors are equally important to us. All the free predictions are produced by experts as a result of in-depth research. The basketball betting tips are available to everyone on this page. Basically, every pick we drop is VIP.

How to place sure bets on free basketball expert picks?

As a bettor, you must have a basketball betting strategy along with money management tactics to be successful in your wagering activities. Bet on picks utilizing this strategy. To bet on the tips, visit our site and proceed to the section with the tips on basketball. Select any of the Today, Tomorrow and Weekend filters if you search for picks on a particular date.

Select the basketball game prediction you are interested in. Carefully read the arguments and check the odds, and click on the BET NOW button in the bet card. You will be redirected to one of the best betting sites we recommend, where you can wager on your basketball bet of the day.

More betting predictions on other sports by Takebet Zimbabwe

In order to satisfy all the bettors of our community, the team provides betting tips on other sports besides basketball too. You are welcome to try yourself in wagering on them.

Follow these links to visit sections with other sports:

Make use of basketball sure predictions with our website — and stand a chance to win big!