Double Chance Betting Tips

Free double chance betting tips: 12, X2, and 1X predictions

Whenever you bet on an outcome and wish to cap your risks substantially, the answer is the best free double chance predictions on Takebet Zimbabwe! Such a bet is offered on sports with three possible outcomes in a match, letting you pick two outcomes out of three in one bet.

Our experts offer some of the best double chance betting tips on football, ice hockey and other sports with three possible match results. Tournaments covered include the EPL, the UCL and the Europa League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, the NHL in ice hockey, etc.

There are three possible options to a football double chance prediction: 12 (home or away side to win), 1X (home side to win or draw) and X2 (away side to win or draw). The same goes for any other sport! Stats, results, trends, news and odds are used to pick bets of value.

All double chance picks for betting which Takebet Zimbabwe offers come a day or two prior to a match, as single bets or in accumulators. Wait no more and get your best double chance tips now!

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Double chance betting tips overview

Any game of sports has a beginning and an end, e.g. the outcome. In many sports, there are three possible outcomes: the home side winning (1), the away side winning (2) and a draw (X). Some of the most prominent sports which have a draw as a possible and, moreover, probable outcome are football, ice hockey and rugby. These are the sports that are covered with double chance 12 predictions (home or away win), 1X (home win or draw) and X2 (away win or draw).

Read on to know more about each of the types of DC betting tips.

12, 1X and X2 double chance predictions explained

So, in any sport there are only three possible outcomes you can bet on in the double chance betting market: 1X (“one-X”), 12 (“one-two”) and X2 (X-two). In all of them, a sports bettor wagers on two out of three possible results simultaneously. But how are they settled?

Double chance 12 predictions are betting tips on either the home or the away side winning a game. Your bet is won if any of the sides playing wins a match. However, you will lose your bet in the case of a draw. Quite often double chance 12 tips have the smallest odds, because a draw is usually the least probable option. Games with a huge underdog are an exception.

Example: a bet on 12 in the Real Madrid vs Barcelona football match. If they finish with any equal score like 0:0 or 2:2, then you will lose. Any win of any of the teams brings you a victory.

Double chance 1X predictions are betting picks on either the home side winning a game or a draw taking place.Your bet wins in both cases, but you lose if the away team is the winner. Odds will be too small if the home team is the odds-on favourite, but in other cases they may be fine.

Example: a bet on 1X in the Tampa Bay Lightning vs the New York Rangers hockey match. If Tampa wins the regulation time or draws it, then you are in the black. Otherwise, you will lose.

Double chance X2 predictions are tips for betting on either the away team winning a match or a draw. Your bet wins in any case except for the home team winning a fixture.

Example: a wager on X2 in the Liverpool vs Manchester United football fixture. If Man Utd wins or a draw happens, then you will get your winning money. If Liverpool triumphs, you will lose.

Note that all DC tips are offered on a regulation time only (no overtime and penalties).

Double chance football predictions

Football is that very sport in which this form of betting enjoys the biggest popularity. A draw is very much probable in football, so gamblers are often tempted to place a bet on a double outcome — one of the teams winning and a draw — or bet that there won’t be a draw in the end.

Double chance football tips for betting are different from 1X2 predictions because they give room to bet on two outcomes at the same time unlike the latter one that allows a punter to bet on one outcome only. They also differ from draw no bet: this bet offers you a refund of a stake in the case of a draw, while a football double chance prediction lets you win in the case of a draw, when you choose one of two teams to win. Meaning that double chance picks are safer.

The downside of the premium double chance football betting tips which Takebet Zimbabwe offers is odds that are usually smaller than for 1x2 picks and for similar draw no bet predictions. However, if you take two least probable outcomes in a double chance football prediction, you get solid odds.

Betting accumulator double chance tips

The expert team of Takebet Zimbabwe provide accumulator double chance predictions alongside single ones. The former picks can be a combination of a few double chance bets on separate matches as well as a mix with other bets: 1x2, over under totals, handicaps, BTTS, correct scores, etc.

The odds of our double chance accumulator tips for betting may differ, but they are usually high, and even with a high risk attached, one can get a fat payout by staking some little money. Betting odds of accumulators get as high as 10.00 (+900 American; 9/1 Fractional).

Tournaments with free football double chance predictions

Readers of Takebet Zimbabwe, possibly the best double chance prediction site, enjoy the biggest selection of tournaments one can bet on when it comes to free double chance football tips. Experts predict football matches across Europe, Africa and the Americas, as well as international tournaments of clubs and national squads.

Top football tournaments with the best double chance picks on Takebet Zimbabwe:

  • UEFA Champions League
  • UEFA Europa League
  • English Premier League
  • La Liga Primera Division
  • German Bundesliga
  • Italian Serie A
  • French Ligue 1
  • South African Premier Division
  • FIFA World Cup
  • UEFA Euro
  • Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON)
  • CONMEBOL Copa America
  • CONCACAF Gold Cup

How experts analyse sure double chance tips for betting

Before any of our double chance football predictions or picks for other sports are published, experts of Takebet Zimbabwe conduct an in-depth research of the matches and the odds on offer.

The first thing to look at is the form of each team participating in a game. How many games have they won, drawn or lost among their last 10 matches? And among the last five? What if we take into account the games of the same tournament only? And if we count in all competitions? Expert is obliged to be knowledgeable of the recent results to have a shot at predicting correctly.

Then you move to the team news to get a picture of the upcoming starting XI and substitutes. Being plagued with a series of injuries affects a team’s performance immensely. There are players who make a great impact, e.g. Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo or De Bruyne. Imagine they’ll be having a complete squad for the match — their gameplay will be expected to improve.

Sports statistics is what you analyse next. This includes the number of goals scored or conceded, number of clean sheets, possession and other in-game stats. A team with a high scoring track record against equal squads is going to win or draw matches on most occasions, with a draw depending on the average number of goals they’ve conceded per game. A possession-based team with output is almost always going to dominate matches.

Every bit of analysis is aimed at offering you the best DC picks on the Web!

Best strategies for double chance picks

There are some ready-made strategies of betting on double chance picks. Even the analysts of Takebet Zimbabwe, one of the best double chance prediction sites out there, use them when choosing valuable predictions for you.

Let’s explore some of the best betting strategies for DC tips:

  1. Huge bet on the favourite to win. If you risk a big sum of money betting on the favourite team with odds of around 1.80 (-125 American; 4/5 Fractional) to 2.00 (+100 American; 1/1 Fractional), consider double chance on this team having an upper hand to win or draw. The odds will be substantially smaller than on a clear win, but you kind of insure your bet.
  2. Insurance for an underdog bet. If you suppose the favourite team is overpriced, but betting on an underdog to win is still a shot too long for you, follow the prediction for the team to win or draw. This is a sound option if the odds for such a bet are anywhere close to 2.00.
  3. Bet against a draw. If when assessing the motivation of both teams you get an understanding that both sides will go after a win at any cost and that the game will open at one point, choosing to follow a double chance 12 prediction may be a really sound move with good value.
  4. Double chance betting tips in live. If you are up to some risk, arm yourself with the following strategy: between halves of a football match of two offensive teams participating in an open play, bet on a double chance uniting the win of the currently losing team and a draw. However, do it only if the score gap is one goal, and better if the losing team is generally the stronger one.

More tips with other betting markets on Takebet Zimbabwe

Other bet options are also covered in free betting tips on Takebet Zimbabwe. Our experts predict football, ice hockey, basketball, tennis, cricket, rugby, American football and some other sports.

Other sections with predictions by betting market:

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