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Handicaps are an advanced way of betting on a match outcome. Takebet Zimbabwe is here to provide you with free handicap tips for betting on such sports as football, basketball, tennis, and ice hockey. When it comes to football, our handicap predictions feature all the top tournaments: UEFA Champions League and Europa League, EPL, La Liga, Italian Serie A, German Bundesliga, Ligue 1, MLS, and other competitions. The NBA and the NHL lead the way in basketball and ice hockey, while in tennis, we cover the ATP and the WTA.

When analysing tournaments to get you valuable spread betting tips, experts use statistical trends, team form, past results, odds, offensive and defensive averages, news, and more.

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Handicap betting tips overview

The best handicap prediction site Takebet welcomes you to the home of spread bets! In most cases, when you analyse a sporting match, there is a strong team and a weak team among the parties participating. If a punter wants to select the winner, he may as well leave without making a bet, because the stronger team will have too small odds, while the weaker team will have too little chances to win. That’s why bookies offer spread betting tips and tricks.

When the weaker team is given a head start, it is called predictions against the spread. Tips for betting on the stronger team being handicaped represent the other way to wager on the spread in a game. Thus, the odds on the weaker side get lower, but the chances of winning the bet get higher, and vice versa. On the other hand, tips on spread are widely used in games of equal teams. When the outcome is speculative, a bettor is tempted to bet on a team with a spread.

Takebet Zimbabwe offers against the spread picks as well as betting tips on stronger teams: Asian handicap predictions and European handicap betting picks for a whole range of sports including football. Free forecasts with spreads come as single bets and accumulator wagers. Read on to understand this type of tips deeply, find examples of bets’ settlement and working strategies.

Handicap predictions explained

Handicap betting in other terms can be referred to as spread betting. It is basically the same.

Handicap tips come with either a plus (+) or a minus (-) sign. The plus sign implies that the stated number of goals, points, etc are being added to the final score in favour of the chosen team or athlete. For example, Asian handicap (+2) on Chelsea means that two goals must be added to the final number of goals scored by Chelsea in order to settle the result and the bet.

The minus sign constitutes the chosen number of goals, points, etc being subtracted from the final score on behalf of the selected team or athlete. For example, Asian handicap (-1.5) on Manchester United means that 1.5 goals must be subtracted from the total number of goals scored by Manchester United in order to settle the result and the bet.

Such tips (spread) are initially used to even out an event between two teams in which there’s a much stronger and a much weaker side. Bettors wager on sports spread betting tips in equal matchups too, either supporting a team winning with a handicap of two or more goals to get higher odds or supporting a team not losing by more than one goal (or over) for a safer option.

Asian handicap tips (2-way)

Asian handicap is a type of spread betting that doesn’t allow draws. Some Asian handicap betting tips allow getting a stake or a part of it back in case of a draw after handicap application. Asian handicap football tips and predictions are the most common, with other sports following. One can say that Asian handicapping is the standard way of wagering on the spread in sports.

Winning or losing a bet depends on what each team ends the match with after applying the chosen handicap. When you bet on the team to win with a particular handicap, you either add or subtract this particular amount of goals (cards, corners, etc) from the final score line. And if your chosen team still wins the match after application of the handicap, then you win your bet.

Firstly, there are Asian handicap predictions multiple of 0.5. These don’t offer getting a stake back under any circumstances. They are written down as (0.5), (1.5), (2.5), (3.5), etc.

For example, let’s take handicaps (+1.5) and (-1.5) in a football game of Liverpool against Southampton. On a normal day, the Reds are the stronger team while the Saints are the weaker side. Imagine you bet on Southampton to win with a handicap of (+1.5). This means that you add 1.5 goals to Southampton's final number of goals scored, and if the team still wins, then you win. Thus, any result under which the Saints don't lose by more than one goal is a win for you.

On the other hand, if you place a handicap (-1.5) bet on Liverpool, a bookie will subtract the chosen margin from the final number of goals scored by the Reds, and if they still win, you win. Thus, any victory of Liverpool with a margin of two goals or higher will make you succeed.

The margins or lines are written as 0.0, 0.25, 1.0, 1.5, and so on. The bookmakers determine the ranges they want and assign odds to them, and mind you that the odds differ among them.

Secondly, there are Asian handicap betting tips multiple of 1. These are virtually the same as the standard handicaps (multiple of 0.5), but they also let you get a refund in case of an equal score after application of the chosen handicap. Asian handicap football predictions of this kind are written down as (0.0), (1.0), (2.0), (3.0), etc. Numbers may be higher for other sports.

As an example, let’s take a basketball game between the Phoenix Suns and the Brooklyn Nets in the NBA. Imagine there is a handicap of (+4) points on the Nets as a weaker team and a handicap of (-4) points on the Suns as a stronger team. In the latter case, the bet on the Suns will win if Phoenix wins with a margin of five points or more, but if the Suns win with the exact margin of four points, then you get a refund of your stake. In the same fashion, betting on the Nets to win with a handicap of (+4) will bring you victory if Brooklyn doesn’t lose with a margin of over three points, however the Nets losing by exactly four points brings you a refund.

Thirdly, there are dual Asian handicaps, or multiples of 0.25. These are a combination of the first two types. Free handicap football picks of this kind are written down as (-1, 1.5) or (+1.5, 2), which is the same as (-1.25) or (+1.75). Again, numbers may be higher for other sports.

In the case of dual Asian handicaps, your stake is virtually divided in two halves. One of them is put on one part of the bet, while the other is put on the other part of the bet by your bookmaker. For example, if you bet 100 USD on Chelsea to win with a handicap of (-1, 1.5), which is the same as (-1.25), then 50 USD are put on (-1) and the other 50 USD are put on (-1.5). Then, both halves of your bet will be settled as usual handicaps (check above for examples).

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European spread tips (3-way)

European handicap is another form of tips spread. Unlike Asian handicaps, a draw is allowed here and you can bet on it. As with 1X2, you have here a home win, a draw and an away win.

For example, a football match between Manchester City and Burnley. Let’s take two as the margin. Then we’ll have a betting market looking like Manchester City (-2.0), draw (-2.0), Burnley (+2.0). In this scenario, Burnley already have a virtual advantage of two goals lead.

Staking on Manchester City (-2.0) means they have to win by three goals or more (3-0, 4-1) for you to win your bet. Because, when two goals are subtracted, Man City still wins the game. You lose the stake if they win by two or fewer goals (2-0, 2-1, 1-0), get a draw or lose the match.

Wagering on draw (-2.0) is following the figure written there. In this case, the stronger team has to win by exactly two goals, because then, after subtracting 2 goals from their score, you will get a draw. Thus, Manchester City have to beat Burnley by two goals exactly for you to win the bet.

Now, wagering on Burnley (+2.0) is more straightforward. Burnley must either win with any score, draw or lose by one goal max for you to win this bet.

The difference here is that you can bet on a draw, and if the score is a draw after applying the handicap, you win. Unlike Asian handicap, where you either lose or get refunded in this case.

What do against the spread picks mean?

The most widespread type of handicap betting tips are predictions against the spread. But when do you actually bet against it? This happens when there is a clear underdog in a game of sports, and you wager on the win of this team or athlete with a positive handicap (“+”). Thus, you predict that this underdog will be the winner after applying the handicap to the score line.

On Takebet Zimbabwe, some of the best free picks against the spread are given for football. Other sports like tennis, basketball, ice hockey, American football, rugby, cricket are covered too. Against the spread picks are featured both among Asian handicaps and European free handicap picks.

Accumulator handicap betting tips

Takebet Zimbabwe helps bettors with finding the best possible odds there are in sports spread betting tips. For this, alongside single tips, our experts drop accumulators featuring free handicap soccer predictions. On offer there are multiples with the best picks against the spread and free predictions of other types, such as 1x2, over under goals, correct score and more.

Betting odds of accumulator tips spread around 10.00 (+900 American; 9/1 Fractional).

Sports and tournaments with handicap tips

On Takebet Zimbabwe, there are various sports with handicap predictions: football, basketball, tennis, ice hockey, rugby, American football, cricket and other sporting disciplines. Our betting experts are not only covering top tournaments such as the UEFA Champions League or the EPL in football, the NBA, the NHL or tennis Grand Slam competitions, but also smaller ones with tips spread.

Handicap football predictions

Ready to get your best soccer handicap prediction? Then you came to the right place!

On Takebet Zimbabwe, free handicap football picks are readily available, being published on this page! All tournaments we predict feature predictions against the spread and on favourites, including:

  • UEFA Champions League
  • UEFA Europa League
  • English Premier League
  • Spanish La Liga Primera Division
  • German Bundesliga
  • Italian Serie A
  • French Ligue 1
  • South African Premier Division
  • Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL)
  • FIFA World Cup
  • UEFA Euro
  • Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON)
  • Copa America
  • Summer Olympic football tournament

Among all the different forms, handicap football betting tips on goals (e.g. match outcome) are the most essential. All bookmakers offer such wagers. However, sometimes Takebet Zimbabwe may also publish different free handicap football predictions: spreads for yellow cards, corners and more.

Tennis handicap betting tips

Tennis tips for betting against the spread and on it are among the most popular gamble options.

Takebet Zimbabwe offers tips of this type on a variety of tennis events, including:

  • Australian Open
  • French Open
  • Wimbledon
  • US Open
  • Summer Olympic tennis tournament
  • ATP Masters 1000
  • ATP 500
  • ATP 250
  • WTA 1000
  • WTA 500
  • WTA 250

Sets and games won are used for margins in tennis handicap betting tips. When it comes to live betting, one can wager on points won in a game with some popular online bookies. Other less popular variations of tennis tips on spread are offered on stats: aces, double faults, etc.

Basketball against the spread picks and spread tips

In basketball, spread betting picks are more than widespread.

Talking tournaments, such tips are featured in all basketball competitions on Takebet Zimbabwe, including:

  • NBA
  • Euroleague
  • FIBA Basketball World Cup
  • Eurobasket
  • Afrobasket
  • Summer Olympic basketball tournament

First of all, the best free picks against the spread in basketball are offered on an outcome with a point margin. This is the most basic type of spread predictions for this sport. One can wager not only on a whole match, but also on a half and on a quarter of a basketball game. The other thing is betting on a team to score the most blocks, 2-pointers, 3-pointers, other stats with a handicap.

Ice hockey spread and against the spread predictions

Ice hockey spread predictions enjoy great attention from bettors alongside outcomes and totals.

Among hockey tournaments covered with handicap tips on Takebet Zimbabwe, you will find:

  • NHL
  • IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship
  • Winter Olympic ice hockey tournament

For ice hockey, the most basic are handicap bets on a team to win with a goal margin, either positive or negative. However, some bookies may offer handicaps on shots and other stats.

How experts analyse sports for spread betting tips

There are quite some tricks for spread betting tips to be picked correctly. When providing tips of this kind, Takebet Zimbabwe considers every factor that affects both teams and the match:

  1. Squad form is the first thing to consider in team sports like football and basketball, as well as athlete form in tennis and other individual sports. We look at win/lose streaks in the same tournament, all competitions and in head-to-head games. A team on a winning streak of about three or more games will have good momentum, while one in bad form might not give expected results even against a weaker side. A team that won most of the recent H2H matches might have better morals. In tennis, we compare the opponents’ recent record, H2H results, record on the same surface and in the same tournament.
  2. Form of key players comes right after assessing the team form. In every squad, there are athletes whose presence is the best bet at winning a game or getting any results at all. Basketball fans call them franchise players: Steph Curry, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, etc. If such players are present and completely fit for the next match, then one can bet the team will perform fine or even great against its opponent, and vice-versa.
  3. Offensive and defensive statistics are taken from the recent set of games, usually five to eight matches. How many goals were scored and shots taken, and how many shots were on target? How many goals conceded? How does it stand against xG? What is the ball possession record? These and many more stat points are analysed to choose free handicap sports picks. A bad defensive record affects tips spread: if the team recently conceded too much and you need it to win by two goals or more, it might be unreal.
  4. Team news is analysed, including injuries and suspensions. This gives you an update on whom you should expect to be in the starting XI and who will probably not be up for selection. This helps us make the right choices when selecting our spread tips.
  5. Betting odds are essentially inspected to find out the most valuable picks among all the options on offer, by comparing the probability of an event to the odds of it happening.

Strategies for handicap predictions against the spread and on the favourite

Betting strategies are proven methods that make it easier for you to start placing bets on sports spread betting tips and let you win more. They are essentially sets of direct instructions on how to pick bets and how to bet on different sports and with different betting markets like handicaps.

Let’s explore a couple of strategies for handicap betting tips, with football in the focus:

  1. Football corner handicap prediction tips strategy. Bet on the favourite of the corner market to win with a minus handicap (e.g. -2.5 corners), if the following conditions are met: 1) the favourite is playing the home venue, 2) on flanks, attackers and midfielders of the favourite tend to launch shots into the box rather than pass the ball to the centre, 3) the favourite has a particularly tall player in the offence (think Zlatan Ibrahimovic), 4) the outsider has its full team playing in the defence, effectively placing a bus in its box. When choosing the handicap, stick with an option that has its odds placed around 2.00.
  2. Football (-1) handicap betting picks strategy. In this case, you bet on the home team. Choose this negative Asian handicap, if the following conditions are met: 1) the odds on the home team’s win in 90 minutes are 1.30 (-333 American; 3/10 Fractional) or less, 2) the home team won more than 60% of home games this current season, 3) the away team is physically less fit and ready, 4) the home team is motivated to get the win due to the tournament situation, 5) two or more key players are absent from the away team.
  3. Football (+1) handicap betting tips strategy. Here you bet on the home team with a positive Asian handicap, if the following conditions are met: 1) the odds on the stated spread are 1.50 (-200 American; 1/2 Fractional) or higher, 2) the home team lost less than 25% of home matches this season, 3) the away team is physically less fit and ready, 4) the home team concedes less than 1.5 goals on average at home this season, 5) the away team got less than 40% of total points in away games this season.

These are only a few strategies a bettor can use with against the spread picks and bets on favourites. Stay with Takebet Zimbabwe and get your free handicap football picks and tips on other sports!

More betting tips on Takebet Zimbabwe

Other types of bets are also covered in betting tips on Takebet Zimbabwe. Experts predict sports like football, tennis, basketball, ice hockey, cricket, American football, rugby, and more for you.

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