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Best hockey predictions: ice hockey betting tips and picks free

Wagering on ice hockey is a legit fun for bettors, mainly due to the unmatched spectacle of the American National Hockey League. On Takebet Zimbabwe, you are welcome to our free ice hockey predictions compiled by the experts dedicated to this most popular winter sport.

Our team covers hockey betting tips on club and national team levels. Punters can bet freely on our daily expert hockey picks for the NHL, including hockey playoff predictions, and top internationals: IIHF Ice Hockey World Cup and Winter Olympic hockey tournament.

Analysts of Takebet Zimbabwe offer single bets as well as accumulator ice hockey tips. The team researches popular and specific betting markets for valuable odds in our hockey bet tips on 1x2 (money line), puck line, scores, overs and unders, and prop bets on players.

The experts publish free hockey predictions after an in-depth analysis of teams and key players: their stats and results, both recent form and historical trends, H2H and odds.

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About ice hockey predictions on Takebet Zimbabwe

Among tournaments, Takebet Zimbabwe chooses top events such as the NHL matches for ice hockey betting tips, while not overlooking major internationals. Bets are offered for a regular season and a playoff sequence, and with world competitions, we start as early as the group stage.

Bet types span extensively, and apart from ice hockey game predictions, there are futures bets offered as well, such as the winner of the league, most valuable player and others.

Read further to understand in detail what we offer in our ice hockey betting predictions.

Types of ice hockey tips provided

Experts of the Takebet Zimbabwe ice hockey prediction website mostly provide single bet tips due to their lower odds margins when compared to combined multiple bets.

Notwithstanding, we also offer an ice hockey accumulator betting experience as we compile picks for ice hockey daily with two different games or more included — such bets provide an unmatched level of entertainment when, as a gambler, you are set for a possible big win from ice hockey tips.

Best ice hockey predictions with value bets from Takebet Zimbabwe site

The ultimate goal of Takebet Zimbabwe is to offer valuable odds in our ice hockey free tips. We have invited data-oriented sports journalists to join our analytical team, who are perfectly knowledgeable about all the ins and outs of ice hockey, its history and recent developments.

These experts are prolific in analysing and breaking down team and player performance using stats, as they pick bets on ice hockey which offer high probability of winning.

The team publishes ice hockey betting tips around 24 hours prior to the start of the game.

Coverage of our ice hockey betting tips

Our team produces free ice hockey tips on major action happening around the world. Each detailed piece contains a load of ice hockey stats and preview information, as well as odds of big betting markets and analysis of specific bet options with a higher winning probability.

Ice hockey game predictions are the chief treat we offer, analysing fixtures on weekends and weekdays. That said, ice hockey bet predictions for outright markets are covered heavily too, before the start of the season. Let's take NHL hockey expert picks as an example: we offer futures bets on the winner of the Stanley Cup, each conference and division, and the MVP.

Check further to know more about bet markets we use and hockey competitions we tip on.

Ice hockey tournaments covered in expert picks: NHL and the rest

Takebet Zimbabwe offers free hockey picks on top matches happening in North America. Leading international competitions of national teams are also included when they take place.

Some hockey competitions with predictions on Takebet Zimbabwe:

To select a tournament, use the selector either from the main website menu with all the season-long and current competitions or from a category menu in “Betting Tips”.

Betting markets and odds of ice hockey tips

Being a renowned ice hockey prediction website, Takebet Zimbabwe makes use of a wide range of bet markets when compiling our ice hockey betting tips. Whether it's a big or small betting market, experts will do thorough research on them in search of the one with the most valuable odds.

Some of the betting markets we cover in our tips:

Other featured options include results and totals of periods, goalscorers and more.

As for the odds of our bet tips for hockey, single predictions we offer for ice hockey have odds in range from 1.50 (-200 American; 1/2 Fractional) to 3.00 (+200; 2/1). A combined ice hockey accumulator bet may have odds of around 10.00 (+900; 9/1) and may be higher.

Betting tips on ice hockey outrights

Taking pride in being the best ice hockey predictions site, Takebet Zimbabwe offers outright betting tips on hockey for the teams participating in a tournament and players as well.

For our team predictions for hockey tournaments, expect us to offer tips on the teams to qualify for the playoffs, to finish top of the groups, divisions and conferences, to win a series with a specific score or a competition as a whole. NHL hockey expert picks include teams winning Pacific, Atlantic, Metropolitan, and Central divisions; teams winning Eastern and Western Conferences, the team to win the Presidents’ Trophy and the Stanley Cup.

We offer hockey betting predictions of the futures type for individual player performance. Tips are provided on top achievements such as the MVP, the best defenceman, top goal leader and point leader, the best goaltender, the best rookie and others offered by bookies.

Outright betting tips on hockey are published weeks before the start of the tournament. Drop by before the start of an ice hockey tournament we predict to use our futures tips for hockey.

Major ice hockey events predicted in 2022-23 season

The 2022-23 season features the NHL tournament and the 2023 Ice Hockey World Cup.

The regular season of the NHL runs from 7 October 2022 to 13 April 2023. The NHL Playoffs begin on May 2 and end on June 30, with the last day being the Stanley Cup Finals.

The 2023 Ice Hockey World Cup will be hosted by Latvia and Finland from 12 to 21 May 2023.

All these competitions are covered in free hockey predictions on Takebet Zimbabwe!

National Hockey League (NHL) 2022-23

The Colorado Avalanche secured the Presidents’ Trophy for the third time in their history during the 2020-21 season as they finished with most points in all divisions. The Avs were top of the West Division, securing their tenth division title. They won 42 out of 56 games with 35 regulation wins and 39 regulation plus overtime wins. Colorado had 82 points, a point percentage of .732%. They scored 197 goals while conceding 133 goals during the regular season. The Colorado Avalanche won the first round of the playoffs against St. Louis Blues in Game 4 but fell short against the Vegas Golden Knights in Game 6 of the second round of the playoffs. The Avs remain a major contender for the Stanley Cup 2023 championship.

The Vegas Golden Knights missed out on the West Division title and the Presidents’ Trophy after finishing with fewer regulation wins (32) than the Avalanche. They were second in the West Division with the same points as the eventual winners Colorado (82). The Golden Knights won the most games in their division (40) with a point percentage of .732%. They scored 191 goals while conceding the fewest in the division (124). The Golden Knights won the first round of the playoffs against the Minnesota Wild in Game 8. They proceeded to the Stanley Cup semifinals after getting a win over the Avalanche in the second round of the playoffs. The Golden Knights were knocked out by the Montreal Canadiens in the Stanley Cup semifinals. They remain one of the contenders for the Stanley Cup 2023 championship.

The Tampa Bay Lightning secured the Stanley Cup championship for the second time in a row. The Lightning defeated the Montreal Canadiens in the 2021 Stanley Cup Finals. The Tampa Bay Lightning finished third in the Central Division as they won 36 games. They had 75 points with a point percentage of .670%. The Bolts scored 181 goals while conceding 147 goals. They had 29 regulation wins and 35 regulation plus overtime wins. Tampa Bay Lightning defeated Florida Panthers in Game 6 in the first round of the playoffs. They qualified for the Stanley Cup semifinals after getting a win against the Carolina Hurricanes. The Bolts went on to win the semifinals against the New York Islanders in Game 7. Tampa Bay Lightning won back-to-back Stanley Cup championship with a victory over Montreal Canadiens. They are a major contender to retain the Stanley Cup 2023 championship.

The Toronto Maple Leafs won the North Division title with 77 points during the last campaign. The Buds won 35 games with a point percentage of .688%. Toronto had 29 regulation wins and 34 regulation plus overtime wins. The Buds secured the title with a 3-2 win over Montreal. They scored 187 goals and conceded 148 goals during the season. The Montreal Canadiens defeated the Toronto Maple Leafs in Game 7 of the first round of the playoffs. Toronto are top 10 contenders for the 2022-23 NHL championship.

The Boston Bruins finished third in the East Division during the 2020-21 regular season. They had 73 points with a point percentage of .652%. The Bruins scored 168 goals and conceded 136 goals during the regular season. They had 25 regulation wins and 29 regulation plus overtime wins. Boston got a 4-1 victory over the Washington Capitals in the first round of the playoffs. The New York Islanders knocked the Boston Bruins out in game six of the playoffs. The Bruins won the Presidents’ Trophy and the Atlantic Division title in the 2019-20 season and are top 10 contenders for the 2022-23 NHL championship.

The Florida Panthers finished second in the Central Division during the 2020-21 season. The Panthers had 79 points, just one point behind eventual winners Carolina Hurricanes. They won 37 games with a point percentage of .705%. The Panthers scored the most goals in the division with 189 goals while conceding 153 goals with a goal difference of +36. They had 26 regulation wins and 36 regulation plus overtime wins. The Florida Panthers were knocked out of the playoffs in the first round by Tampa Bay Lightning in Game 6. The Panthers are a contender for the 2022-23 NHL championship.

Stanley Cup 2023 betting odds:

  • Colorado Avalanche — 7.00 (+600 American; 6/1 Fractional)
  • Florida Panthers — 9.00 (+800; 8/1)
  • Tampa Bay Lightning — 9.50 (+850; 17/2)
  • Vegas Golden Knights — 11.00 (+1000; 10/1)
  • Toronto Maple Leafs — 13.00 (+1200; 12/1)
  • Edmonton Oilers — 13.00 (+1200; 12/1)
  • Carolina Hurricanes — 15.00 (+1400; 15/1)
  • Boston Bruins — 16.00 (+1600; 16/1)
  • St Louis Blues — 21.00 (+2000; 20/1)

IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship 2023

Canada won the 2021 Ice Hockey World Championship in Latvia as they finished fourth in the group stage. Team Canada got a 2-1 victory over the Russian Olympic Committee in the quarterfinals. Canada qualified for the final after knocking out the United States of America in the semifinals. They secured their 27th championship with a win over Finland. They are the top favourite to win the 2023 Ice Hockey World Championship.

The Russian Olympic Committee finished top of their group during the 2021 Ice Hockey World Championship. They had 17 points as they won five games. The Red Machine scored 28 goals and conceded 10 goals. They were knocked out of the competition by eventual winners, Canada, in the quarterfinals. The ROC have won five championship titles. The Red Machine are the second favourite to win the Ice Hockey World Championship.

Sweden failed to reach the playoffs during the 2021 Ice Hockey World Championship for the first time in their history. They won the Ice Hockey World Championship in 2018 after defeating Switzerland by three goals to two in the finals. Sweden have won 11 titles at the World Championship and will be looking to add to it, being third by chance of success.

Finland won the silver medal of the 2021 Ice Hockey World Championship after suffering a defeat to Canada. The Lions finished second in Group B with 17 points. They scored 19 goals while conceding 10 goals. Finland got a 1-0 victory over Czech Republic in the quarterfinals of the tournament. The Lions qualified for the final with a 2-1 win over Germany in the semifinal. Finland suffered 2-3 defeats to Canada in the 2021 Ice Hockey World Championship. They are top 5 favourites for the 2023 Ice Hockey World Championship.

The United States of America won the bronze medal at the Ice Hockey World Championship in 2021. They finished top of Group B with 18 points as they scored 21 goals and conceded eight goals. The United States thrashed Slovakia by six goals to one in the quarterfinals. They suffered a 2-4 defeat to Canada in the semifinals. The United States of America thrashed by six goals to one in the third place playoff to win the bronze medal. They are top five favourites to win the 2023 Ice Hockey World Championship.

IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship betting odds:

  • Canada — 3.25 (+225 American; 9/4 Fractional)
  • Russian Olympic Committee — 3.50 (+250; 5/2)
  • Sweden — 5.50 (+450; 9/2)
  • Finland — 7.50 (+650; 13/2)
  • United States of America — 8.00 (+700; 7/1)

How experts analyse hockey games for sure predictions

Takebet Zimbabwe analyses and breaks down games of ice hockey with the use of statistical data.

Some of the stats we explore for ice hockey picks and predictions:

  • Regulation wins
  • Overtime wins
  • Points percentage
  • Goals scored/conceded
  • Assists
  • Power play goals and assists
  • Shorthanded goals and assists
  • Total and unblocked shot attempts
  • Expected goals (xG)
  • Save percentage
  • Shutouts

The statistics are used alongside other information: head-to-head record, teams’ recent form, betting trends and the perceived probability of events based on the odds. Team news is taken into account in our top free hockey picks as well. This information allows us to find the most valuable odds among dozens of betting markets for ice hockey betting predictions.

Free ice hockey predictions: how to get access

As one of the best ice hockey prediction sites, Takebet Zimbabwe works tirelessly to provide punters with daily hockey picks for top games. All the best hockey tips are free of charge! Bettors can visit our site around a day prior to a match and wager on our free pro hockey picks!

Use filters to select betting tips for hockey games happening soon:


What's included in ice hockey betting tips on Takebet Zimbabwe?

Expert hockey picks on Takebet Zimbabwe feature singles and hockey accumulator bets alongside season-long outright wagers on futures. The odds of our single wagers are from 1.50 (-200 American; 1/2 Fractional) to 3.00 (+200; 2/1), and ice hockey accumulator betting tips are around 10.00 (+900; 9/10).

We cover the NHL and such international ice hockey competitions as IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship and Winter Olympic ice hockey tournament.

Takebet Zimbabwe employs various betting markets in tips as we research them for profitable odds. Our hockey bet tips feature 1x2 (money line), puck line, over under alongside proposition bets on teams and players. We analyse games with the use of stats for the best hockey tips.

When do you post your ice hockey betting picks?

Our ice hockey betting tips are posted approximately 24 hours before the match. The exact time is subject to change based on the fixture calendar and when the odds appear. Bettors are welcome to visit our site to get the latest ice hockey free tips and use them for bets.

The best hockey picks daily for gambling on outrights of tournaments such as the winner or the MVP are posted weeks prior to the start of the competition and days before the playoffs.

Do you have ice hockey picks for today and tomorrow?

Indeed, if there is decent hockey going on, we may offer free predictions for it. You will find ice hockey betting tips for today and ice hockey betting tips for tomorrow on the specific pages in this section. You are also welcome to the page with weekend ice hockey betting tips, where we filter picks for the games taking place on the next Saturday and Sunday.

Are your ice hockey betting tips free?

Yes, they are. All ice hockey betting picks on Takebet Zimbabwe are free of charge for our users. Each of the ice hockey tips for betting is posted in a separate article — all predictions can be found on the sports page of ice hockey or on the page of the corresponding tournament.

Do you offer live betting tips on ice hockey?

Currently, we don't offer live ice hockey tips for betting. However, as the best ice hockey predictions site, Takebet Zimbabwe is well updated with the latest breaking team and player news.

Do you provide VIP ice hockey tips?

Takebet Zimbabwe believes in equality: all our ice hockey betting tips are available to the general public. Experts analyse teams using the statistics, head-to-head, team results, betting trends and the latest news to find value odds. All ice hockey bets and picks are VIP, for everyone!

How to bet on hockey tips?

Before wagering on our free hockey predictions, it is advisable to first have a working strategy for a higher profitability over a distance. Visit Takebet Zimbabwe around 24 hours before the game and select a prediction for the match you want to wager on. Read information about the game, take odds and arguments supporting the chosen ice hockey accumulator bet or a single one into account, and proceed by clicking the BET NOW button in the bet card below. You will be redirected to one of the best betting sites we recommend where you can register, deposit and wager on the chosen tip.

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We work tirelessly to satisfy all the users of Takebet Zimbabwe, for this reason we offer betting tips on other popular sports as well, covering major leagues and tournaments in these sports.

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