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When it comes to popular types of betting, over under tips always stand out. One can find bets of this kind on football, basketball, tennis, ice hockey, cricket, rugby and many other sports. Takebet Zimbabwe offers free over under predictions for a diverse scope of top tournaments.

Among competitions with under over betting tips, one will find UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, the EPL, La Liga Primera Division, German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A, the NBA, the NHL, tennis Grand Slams, ATP Masters and WTA Premier tournaments and more.

Over/under tips and betting predictions are data-driven: professionals analyse betting odds, goal scoring stats and result records, current form, recent H2H games, team news (injured players, suspended players, etc). Takebet Zimbabwe checks out motivation and assesses probable style of play.

Under over predictions come in single bet recommendations and in accumulator picks, in which they pair greatly with 1x2 and handicaps, both teams to score and goalscorer outcomes.

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Over under betting tips overview

Placing a bet on a scoring in a game of sports being lower or higher than a particular total amount is as ancient and popular as wagering on an outcome of a match. This activity is called under over betting: tips depend on the sport and come on goals, points, sets, games, cards, etc.

The major object of the over/under betting is a goal total. A gambler tips on the number of goals scored to be higher or lower a particular margin, typically over/under 2.5 goals in football.

There are three types of over/under tips based on their settlement:

  • Totals multiple of 0.5
  • Totals multiple of 0.25 (same as two-part totals)
  • Square totals

There are two main submarkets of over under predictions:

  • Individual or team totals
  • Period totals (football half, tennis set, basketball quarter, hockey period, etc)

There are another three types of combined betting tips:

  • Over under and win
  • Over under and anytime goalscorer (or first, or last)
  • Over under and both teams to score

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Under over predictions explained

Over under tips are betting forecasts for a number of a particular event to happen more or fewer times than a given margin in a sports match, often its regular time (e.g. 90 minutes in football). This betting market is a universal one, so the event in question may be scoring a goal in football and ice hockey, getting a point in basketball, winning a game or a set in tennis, etc.

Moreover, Takebet Zimbabwe offers over under predictions for betting on yellow cards, corners and free kicks in football alongside similar statistical events in other sports — aces in tennis and so on.

The most standard tip is a total multiple of 0.5. For example, a total of under 1.5 goals in football or a total of over 216.5 points in basketball. The former means that one goal or no goals must be scored in order for the bet to win, while the latter total sets a target of scoring at 217 or more points. Over under tips which are a multiple of 0.5 can bring a sports gambler either a win or a loss. There are no circumstances under which such a bet can be voided and refunded.

Asian over under betting tips is an alternative name for all over/under total bets. However, many bettors tend to call “Asian” only those totals that are either square (e.g. over 2 goals) or a multiple of 0.25 (e.g. over 2.25 goals). The latter can also be written down as a two-part total: for example, an Asian total of over 2.25 goals is the same as a two-part total of over 2, 2.5 goals.

Square Asian totals get you a refund if the final number of the chosen events is equal to your chosen total. For example, if a gambler bets on a total of over 3 goals in an ice hockey match and exactly three goals are scored in that match, then the bet is voided with a complete refund.

Asian totals multiple of 0.25 (e.g. two-part totals) are basically two different total margins combined into one bet, where one half of a stake goes on one side of a bet and another half — on another side. Both halves are settled as any other total. For example, a total of over 1.75 goals in football is the same as a total of over 1.5, 2 goals. One half of your money goes on over 1.5 goals, while the other half goes on over 2 goals. Then both halves are settled separately.

Individual or team over/under predictions are for totals of a separate athlete or a separate team in a sports match. For example, in tennis a bettor can wager on a total of games or sets won by a particular tennis player instead of all games or sets played in a match.

Example of an individual total: you bet on the Los Angeles Lakers scoring over 116.5 points in a match against the Chicago Bulls. The Lakers score 118 points by the final whistle, so you win.

Period over/under tips are on a particular phase of a sports game. In football, it is typically a half, in tennis it is a set or a game, in basketball it is a quarter, in ice hockey it is a period and so on. On top of that, such betting picks can be for an individual result of a team or a player.

Example of a period total: you bet on a set in a Novak Djokovic vs Daniil Medvedev match to span for over 9.5 games. Djokovic wins the set 6:4. You win the bet thanks to 10 games played.

Over under and win betting tips

Over under and win predictions combine a standard total with a match result and allows you to stake on both in one bet. This is a good gamble if there’s a clear favourite to win a game, which can multiply your total odds. Example: over 4.5 goals and the Colorado Avalanche to win.

Both outcomes must come true for such a bet to win.

Over under and anytime goalscorer (first/last) predictions

Over under and anytime goalscorer betting tips, same as the first and the last goal scorer, combine a regular total with a bet on a player to score a goal during a game.This bet option is popular with football and ice hockey bettors. Example: over 2.5 goals and Ronaldo to score.

Both outcomes must come true for such a bet to win.

Over under and BTTS betting tips

Over under and both teams to score predictions unite a traditional total with a wager on either both teams to score or not, with the latter outcome meaning only one or no team scoring. This bet option is reserved mainly for football. Example: over 1.5 goals and both teams to score.

Both outcomes must come true for such a bet to win.

Accumulator over/under predictions

Experts of Takebet Zimbabwe are sure to offer accumulator over under tips and betting prediction, which feature total bets on two or more separate sports matches. The team drops both football-only accas with free over under picks and mixed multibets with under/over bets on different sports.

Even though parlay predictions have their own risks, their odds and payouts are always high. With little money, a sports bettor can win big compared to single bets. The odds of accumulators go as high as 10.00 (9.00 American; 9/1 Fractional) on Takebet Zimbabwe and can be even higher.

Sports and tournaments with over under tips

Almost all sports (if not all) feature some kind of over/under tips if gambling with top online sports betting sites. Those sport disciplines where sides score goals, pucks, points and so on are basic for this type of bet. On Takebet Zimbabwe, we cover as many sports as we can with under over predictions: football, basketball, tennis, ice hockey, cricket, rugby, American football and more.

Major football tournaments with over/under betting tips on Takebet Zimbabwe:

  • UEFA Champions League
  • UEFA Europa League
  • English Premier League
  • Spanish La Liga Primera Division
  • German Bundesliga
  • Italian Serie A
  • French Ligue 1
  • FIFA World Cup
  • UEFA Euro
  • Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON)

Major tennis competitions with over/under predictions:

  • Australian Open
  • French Open
  • Wimbledon
  • US Open
  • ATP Masters 1000
  • WTA 1000 (Premier)

In basketball, ice hockey and American football, the NBA, the NHL and the NFL are sure to be covered with under over betting picks, respectively. However, experts predict totals not only in top tournaments, but in all sports competitions featured on the pages of Takebet Zimbabwe.

Football over under predictions: 2.5 goals and more

Tips on goal totals are the top 2 most popular in the world when it comes to football. The over means sides have to score more than a designated margin, and the under means less. The most used margin in football is 2.5 goals. This is because 2-3 goals are scored in a football match on average, so on most occasions under over 2.5 goals offers equal odds on both sides.

Other popular options include 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 3.5, 4 and 4.5 goal totals, alongside two-part Asian goal totals (same as multiple of 0.25) in between the options mentioned above.

Example: you bet on under 2.5 goals in a Chelsea vs Arsenal match. If the game ends in 2:1, you lose the bet because the total number of goals scored was three (2+1=3). Same if the teams score more goals. However, such score lines as 0:0, 1:0, 0:1 and 1:1 all bring you a win.

In football, one can also bet on the total of cards, corners, free kicks and more.

Check out football over under predictions (2.5 goals tips) on Takebet Zimbabwe.

Tennis under over betting tips: sets and games

In tennis, sets and games are typically used in over under prematch betting. Punters bet on the number of sets in a match or the number of games in a set to be over or under a particular margin. For bo5 fixtures, a total of 3.5 sets is the basic one, and for bo3 matches — a total of 2.5 sets. As for game totals, the basic margin is 21.5 games for a bo3 tennis fixture.

Totals are essentially higher in top men’s tournaments such as Grand Slams, where bo5 matches are played and fixtures between star opponents are often hard and lengthy.

Example: you bet on over 21.5 games in a Novak Djokovic vs Rafael Nadal match. Djokovic wins the match in three sets with a score 6:4, 2:6, 6:4. You win the bet, given the total number of games is 28. However, a win in two sets with a 6:4, 6:4 score would have brought you a loss.

In tennis, there are also total betting tips on stats such as double faults, aces and more.

Check out tennis over under tips on Takebet Zimbabwe.

Basketball over/under betting picks

The most widespread basketball over under betting predictions are based on a total number of points scored by both teams in a game. In the National Basketball League, most times a team scores over 100 points, and when you add up points, you’ll be having over 200 and above. There is no exact usual margin for totals in the NBA — it is plus minus 220 on most occasions.

That said, other basketball leagues usually witness less points scored, so totals are lower there.

Example: you bet on over 218.5 in a New York Knicks vs Golden State Warriors match. The Warriors win with a 120:110 scoring. You win too, because the aggregate points total is 230.

Check out basketball over under predictions on Takebet Zimbabwe.

Ice hockey over under picks

In ice hockey, the basic total is for goals, or pucks, as they are called here. Hockey is richer in goals than football, especially when it comes to the National Hockey League. The standard margin is set at over/under 6 goals in the NHL, with teams often scoring around 6 pucks.

Example: you wager on over 6 goals in a Carolina Hurricanes vs Boston Bruins game. The Bruins win 4:2. You get your stake back, because the number of goals exactly equals your chosen margin. However, if only the teams had scored one more puck, you would have won.

Check out ice hockey over/under predictions on Takebet Zimbabwe.

How experts analyse over under betting market for tips

Experts of Takebet Zimbabwe follow a few steps when it comes to the analysis of a sports game for over/under tips. In team sports, the process focuses on exploring everything connected to offensive capabilities of both sides, defensive vulnerabilities and fitness of key players.

Let’s explore in detail what data is used by experts to bring you free over under picks.

  1. Goalscoring stats and defensive records. Experts check out the number of goals the teams have scored and conceded in the last five to eight games in the same tournament and in all competitions as well as in recent H2H fixtures. We research not only goals scored, but a shot success rate, chances created and rates of covering xG.
  2. Current team form and motivation. To reaffirm the trends we have spotted, experts check the result trends from last games and if the teams are motivated to play full-force.
  3. Individual players. Any outcome is a result of a team play, and any team is a group of individuals. Takebet Zimbabwe checks out if all key players and partnerships are in place and likely to feature in the predicted match, in order to make sure teams will show their best play.
  4. Betting odds. After picking the bet options we deem the most promising, our team explores the betting odds to find the biggest value and post the picked bet for you.

Strategies for under over betting tips

There are quite a few betting strategies which focus on under over predictions in football, tennis, basketball, ice hockey and other sports. Let’s touch on a few of them in short here.

  1. Strategy for under goals total in football. Bet on under goals, if one or more of the following circumstances are present: 1) in the last five matches, both teams have conceded less than 10 goals in total, 2) average number of goals scored is less than 1.5 per match for each of the teams this season, 3) betting odds of winning are over 2.40 (+140 American; 7/5 Fractional) for both teams, 4) one or more top goalscorers are absent while top defenders and goalies are present, 5) there is a forecast of bad weather for the match day: rain, snow, mist, especially low temperatures, etc.
  2. Strategy for over goals total in football. Bet on over goals, if one or more of the following circumstances are present: 1) over 60% of the games this season have ended with 3 or more goals for both teams, 2) away team concedes over 2 goals per match on average this season, 3) betting odds of over 2.5 goals are higher than 2.40 (+140; 7/5).
  3. Strategy for individual games total in tennis. Pick a clear favourite with odds of under 1.20 (500; 1/5) on his win. Usually a top player strives for a fast and dominating victory, with a 6-4, 6-3, 6-2, 6-1 or 6-0 set scores. Place a bet on an individual total of such a player being under a given margin — the higher the margin and the odds, the better. For example, you may find odds of 1.80 on an individual total of under 12.5 games. If you lose, pick another game like that and multiply your stake to get a profit on aggregate.

More betting tips on Takebet Zimbabwe

Lots of other markets are also covered in the betting tips on Takebet Zimbabwe. Experts predict football, ice hockey, basketball, tennis, cricket, rugby, American football and some other sports.

Some betting markets in predictions of Takebet Zimbabwe:

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