Basketball Over/Under Betting Tips

Free basketball over/under predictions and tips for betting

Basketball is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular sports, mainly thanks to high point totals! Takebet Zimbabwe supplies bettors with free basketball over/under predictions for points and statistics such as rebounds, 3-pointers, blocks, steals, turnovers, and fouls.

Our experts publish basketball over/under tips on the National Basketball Association (NBA) and other tournaments like the Euroleague, FIBA Basketball World Cup, Eurobasket, Summer Olympic basketball tournament, Afrobasket, and more.

All predictions from Takebet Zimbabwe are statistically correct and based on pure numbers and logic: point acquisition, shooting percentages, performances in field goals and free throws, defensive stats, and so on. But, of course, we analyse basketball odds for value, too.

Our under/over basketball betting tips include bets on individual totals, quarter and half-time totals, and standard game totals. So check for yourself and pick bets now!

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Basketball over/under predictions overview

Fancy a proper basketball over prediction? Or, maybe, you are into picking a basketball under prediction? It doesn’t matter, as we provide both!

The basic over/under selection for basketball is a match point total. Takebet Zimbabwe drops such picks and basketball over/under betting tips on statistical performances, too: rebounds, blocks, 3-point shots, and more.

Online bookmakers use margins to denote the decisive number of points and set the odds. Example: a bet on over/under 210.5 points, with 211 or more points scored, is on the “over” side, while 210 or fewer points scored is on the “under” side. We publish predictions for separate quarters and halves of a match alongside game-wide tips.

By quarter, you can bet on a point total in:

  • First quarter
  • Second quarter
  • Third quarter
  • Fourth quarter

By half, wager on a total of points in:

  • First half
  • Second half

Also, there are the following bets on under/over basketball totals:

  • Match total
  • Individual total (team or player)

Basketball over/under tips explained

A bet on the number of points in a basketball game is aimed at predicting if the total will be greater or lower than the given amount of points (a margin). In the NBA, the average match total is around 220 points, and over/under totals dwell around this number. In other national leagues and international tournaments, totals and margins are lower.

In basketball under/over predictions, there are standard totals (a multiple of 0.5) and square ones. Both are also called Asian basketball totals. Prematch bets on basketball point numbers include overtime (OT) if the opposite is not explicitly stated.

A standard basketball over/under total is multiple of 0.5 (e.g. 220.5 points) and can end up in either a win or a loss for a bettor. In the example above, over 220.5 means 221 points scored or more, while under 220.5 means 220 points scored or fewer. This option is the most basic and straightforward among all basketball tips on over/under.

Example: you bet on a total of over 215.5 points in a Chicago Bulls vs Denver Nuggets game. The Nuggets won with a 110:107 score. Therefore, a total of 217 points will land you a win!

A square basketball under/over total is multiple of 1 (e.g. 220 points). Bookies can settle it in three ways: a win, a loss, or a refund. Unlike a standard total, a square one brings you a refund whenever the number of points exactly equals your prediction.

Example: you bet on a total of under 210 points in a Brooklyn Nets vs New York Knicks match. The teams played with a 105:105 score. You will get a refund given the total of 210.

Now, let’s explore the subtypes of basketball over/under tips for betting!

Individual totals are predictions for a particular team or a player to complete a greater or a fewer number of specific events, e.g. LeBron James to score some number of points.

Example: you bet on the individual point total of the USA to be over 90 against Australia at the Olympics. The final score was 95-89 in favour of Team USA. Given that 95 is greater than the 90 points you have chosen for your bet, you will win the punt.

Period totals are predictions for a particular period of a match — a quarter or half — to see a greater or smaller number of chosen events, such as points scored.

Example: you bet on a total of the first quarter of a match between the Phoenix Suns and the Milwaukee Bucks to be under 45 points. The said quarter ended with a score of 23:21. In this case, you will win your bet because 44 is less than 45 points.

Over/under and win tips

Basketball under/over and win bets combine tips on the match outcome and total points in a basketball game. Both parts of a prediction must come true when it comes to these over/under basketball betting tips.

Example: you bet on the Golden State Warriors to win against the LA Spurs and on a match total of under 218.5 points. The Warriors won 110:106. In this case, you will win, too!

Basketball accumulators with over/under predictions

Basketball accumulators that feature over/under selections frequent the pages of Takebet Zimbabwe! These bets combine well with match outcomes and picks against the spread. The accumulator odds are higher than those of singles, and that’s why many punters prefer them. Our basketball parlays have odds as high as 10.00 (+900 American; 9/1 Fractional).

Basketball tournaments we cover

All the top competitions may feature in our basketball over/under predictions. Namely, Takebet Zimbabwe selects betting picks for the following basketball tournaments:

  • National Basketball Association (NBA)
  • Euroleague
  • FIBA Basketball World Cup
  • Summer Olympic basketball tournament
  • Eurobasket
  • Afrobasket

How experts analyse basketball for best under/over predictions

Experts of Takebet Zimbabwe analyse sports data and odds before providing our free basketball over/under tips for betting.

First of all, we explore stats of several previous games played by each team, which include the shooting percentages, field goals (%), 3-pointers (%), free throws (%), the number of turnovers, offensive and defensive rebounds, blocks, and average fouls. Analysing basketball over/under statistics is mandatory to know how often both teams beat the point totals.

Secondly, we closely monitor injury updates: if the team leader is injured, loads of points scored are unlikely compared to when that particular team is entirely fit. Also, we explore suspensions for our basketball over and under predictions: who is out and for how long.

Finally, we research the head-to-head record between both teams: the total number of points scored in their previous meetings, who has won more matches, and the number of points each team has scored in those latest fixtures.

Basketball over/under betting strategies

Being arguably the best over/under basketball prediction site, Takebet Zimbabwe will now explain to you a strategy for basketball accumulators with under/over totals. For this tactic, you will need to pick two games with a high probability of points scored. Then you should bet on the default totals with the odds on both sides of the bet close to 2.00 (+100; 1/1).

Place three accumulators:

  1. Total over in game #1 and total over in game #2.
  2. Total over in game #1 and total under in game #2.
  3. Total under in game #1 and total over in game #2.

Be advised that each of these accumulators has got to have odds higher than 3.00 (+200; 2/1). So, in this case, you will win some money whenever at least one of the three basketball parlays wins!

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